We rounded up the best blogs for anyone interested in learning more about data science. Some of these are news sites, some of these are corporate blogs — but all of them use data to answer questions and reveal things about the world around us. And whatever your experience level — established statistician or someone who’s just heard of the field — these blogs provide enough detail and context for you to understand what you’re reading.

And the topics they cover are as varied as you can imagine — dating, cheeseburgers, common first names, tattoos and more. Check them out below:

  1. OkTrends

    This is OkCupid’s data science blog. Yep, the leading online dating site analyzes (self-reported) data from users on just about everything you can think of: hobbies, pet peeves, sexual preferences, body confidence, etc. — and uses it to tell interesting stories about ourselves. The blog is updated every few months, but the archive is endlessly entertaining: did you know that people who use Twitter every day have shorter relationships than everyone else? Hmmm…
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  2. FiveThirtyEight

    Arguably the most popular data journalism site. FiveThirtyEight is the brainchild of Nate Silver, the American statistician who correctly predicted the way 49 out of 50 states would vote in the 2008 presidential election. Here, you can find statistical analysis on politics, sports, healthcare, common names and more — there’s even a column in which lead writer Mona Chalabi answers your questions with hard numbers.
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  3. LinkedIn’s Data Science Blog

    LinkedIn does super interesting stuff with data — in 2012, Harvard Business Review profiled their Chief Data Officer and how he’s used data to basically transform the LinkedIn product. LinkedIn’s data science blog provides another insider look at how the company has used data to build products since 2009. Unfortunately, the blog hasn’t been updated in a year, but the archive is full of some great longreads.
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  4. Data Miners

    Written by published authors Gordon Linoff and Michael Berry, this blog is technically about data mining (although Linoff admits that after attending a data science conference, the two fields don’t seem so different after all). However but has interesting posts on neural networks, statistics and more.
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  5. Flowing Data

    Awesome blog on big data. For the data science aspirant, this is a goldmine: Flowing Data offers how-to guides on animated self-sorting lists, interactive treemaps, gridded maps and more. It also has a section called “Projects,” in which the writers investigate questions they’re interested in (Where do bars outnumber grocery stores? What’s the most unisex name in U.S. history? Where’s the nearest pizza chain?) and post whatever it is they find.
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  6. Hilary Mason

    Hilary Mason is one of the coolest data scienstists on the Internet: she’s worked at bit.ly and HackNY and proclaims her love of cheeseburgers wherever she goes. Seriously though, her blog (and Twitter, which she updates more frequently) is a great resource for anyone interested in data science.
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  7. Data Mining

    Matthew Hurst is a technologist interested in data and artificial intelligence who has worked at Microsoft, Nielsen and IBM. On his blog, he reviews data science books, talks about how complicated the web is, and covers some news (like how Bing correctly predicted the Scottish referendum results.)
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  8. Infochimps

    Infochimps’ corporate blog doesn’t cover the nitty gritty hard numbers stuff we’ve seen in other sites, but it’s still worth your time. The blog is updated fairly regularly, and posts information about data conferences, which is great for anyone trying to meet more people in the field.
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  9. Data Aspirant

    This blog from Saimadhu Polamuri offers comprehensive introductions to things like Python, linear regression and supervised vs. unsupervised learning. Only five entries so far, but with all these detailed explanations and helpful material, hopefully there will be more.
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    If you’re looking to dive deep into this field, check out our all new ‘Data Science School’ or our ‘Data Analysis Learning Path’ curated by the awesome Claudia Gold (an early Data Scientist at Airbnb).