So you want to learn UX design. You’re in luck.

The internet is replete with blogs by designers and industry experts that can help you with whatever you need: whether it’s staying up-to-date on UX trends, developing research methods, or getting inspired. We rounded up nine of the best blogs you should follow if you’re an aspiring UX designer — check them out below.

Our Favorite UX Blogs

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  1. UX Booth: A thoughtful blog on UX design and strategy. UX Booth, which has been running since 2008, covers design philosophy, interaction design, analytics, and many more topics. The blog also pays attention to how the web is changing, and what that means for user and interaction designers.
  2. UX Mag: Keep up with what’s happening in the UX design industry with UX Mag. This online publication covers the latest UX news and trends — and their experts also test drive products like Asana and Nest, and review how their user experiences stack up to company promises.
  3. Boxes and Arrows: Learn more about how to conduct successful research on user experience with this blog. Boxes and Arrows focuses on research methodology and design processes, serving as a handy guide to improving research methods, understanding audiences, and educating others about user experiences.
  4. Smashing Magazine: This crowd favorite has a great section on UX design, but is also a great resource on web design in general — with articles on everything from content strategy to coding to recovering from setbacks. Smashing Magazine has also published four books, and has an extensive eBook library with more resources.
  5. 52 Weeks of UX: In 2010, HubSpot’s Director of UX and Twitter’s Principal Designer set out to discover what exactly makes the user experience. This blog is the result. The duo blogged for a year, dissecting the problems encountered when designing for real people, and positing some best practices.
  6. Little Big Details: A minimalist blog of design inspiration. Little Big Details celebrates the little things, moments when design just works — like when fitness apps automatically disable push notifications if you ignore them after a couple of days.
  7. UX Myths: UX Myths is doing their homework. They’re collected a list of the most commonly held misconceptions on UX design (they currently have over 30) and write about why they aren’t actually true.
  8. Adaptive Path: Adaptive Path has been as pioneer in user experience since 2001, before UX design was the well-established practice it is today. Their company blog is full of insightful articles on new ideas in the UX industry, and companies who are getting things right.

Of course, some of the best blogs on UX Design are the original blogs: books. Here are a few you should absolutely read (and check out a more comprehensive list here):

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