With the ton of free online courses available on the web right now, we’ve decided to put together a list of best Music Courses you can sign up for today. 1. Suitable for all For enthusiasts, who want to know what’s behind the music rather than scales and rhythms 2. Beginners For the newbies, who […]

Before you land an interview for your dream job as a software engineer or junior developer at a top tech firm or emerging startup, you’ll need to get noticed. If you’re going to stand out from the pack, an impressive programmer portfolio website isn’t an option—it’s essential. Read on to discover the benefits of a […]

The days of getting a degree and working in one field into retirement are long gone. While there’s no clear consensus as to the number, recent reports suggest that people now change careers several times throughout their professional lives. Such a shift requires working people to constantly develop new skills and pursue new opportunities. ‌Having a […]

The average age of a respondent to an Indeed.com career change survey was 39. Of those surveyed, nearly half have made a dramatic career change. Almost two-thirds said they were thinking about a career switch.  By the time most professionals reach 40, they’re ready for a change to make more money or find a more […]

A midlife career change can be challenging, but it might also be the best decision you ever make. Many mid-life professionals find themselves in declining industries like newspaper publishing or cable television and realize that the grass is greener in tech, where there are new opportunities every day. ‌Others hit mid-life and simply feel stuck. […]

Thinking about changing your career path? You’re not alone. Nearly half of all American workers have shifted their professional lives dramatically, sometimes more than once. Did you know that the average person has more than 12 jobs in their lifetime?  ‌Many people make major career shifts because they lack job satisfaction. Others want more stability, […]

In 2018, Amazon scrapped its in-house applicant tracking system because of one major flaw: it didn’t like resumes containing the word “women,” so if an applicant listed “mentoring women entrepreneurs” as one of their achievements, they were out of luck. The system had been trained to vet applicants by observing patterns in resumes submitted to […]

In his opening keynote address at this week’s Rise 2020—Springboard’s annual tech conference convening thought leaders in data, design, and software engineering—Springboard co-founder and CEO Gautam Tambay reiterated Springboard’s 10-year goal: to transform one million lives through education by 2030. “At Springboard, we dream of a more equitable world where everyone has opportunity,” Tambay said.  […]