With the ton of free online courses available on the web right now, we’ve decided to put together a list of best Music Courses you can sign up for today. For Novices and Professionals alike – 1. Suitable for all For enthusiasts, who want to know what’s behind the music rather than scales and rhythms […]

Global spending on video games is set to exceed that on movies, and the average 21-year old has racked up 10,000 hours of gaming! The best games and game designers can tap into human psychology in a way that we can all learn something from. Maybe you’re a gamer curious about the psychology of game […]

Celebrated British writer Roald Dahl said, “If you are going to get anywhere in life you have to read a lot of books.” Springboard’s overarching goal is to empower people to keep learning and developing their professional skills. We recently asked some of the experts speaking at Springboard Rise, our first data science and UX […]

You’ve developed the requisite skills, put them on display in a top-notch portfolio and resume, built a network of peers and mentors, and landed an interview for a dream job in data science. And your work is just beginning; it’s time for interview prep! This is crucial—and we aren’t just referring to preparation for the technical […]

This article was written by Miranda Marquit, Student Loan Hero Are you putting your dreams on hold because of your student loan debt? In 2015, Student Loan Hero’s Student Loan Burden Report found that many grads put off life milestones because of debt. You might be done with your undergrad and looking to further your […]

In the last ten years, technology has changed the way we work and communicate with others — and it’s also changed how we interact in the classroom. In fact, some educators argue that technology can improve the classroom by eliminating the need for a physical one, and allow students to learn remotely, from wherever they do […]

Learning to code isn’t easy — ask someone who learned in just six months. Sebastian Belmar is a Chilean native who formerly worked as a consultant for renewable energy companies, until a startup weekend inspired him to make a career change. One year and a boot camp later, Sebastian is a full-stack developer for a curriculum […]

If you’re looking for work as a game developer, it’s better to show employers what you can do rather than just tell them. Your background, degree and resume matter — but with a portfolio, you can show your programming skills, your ability to think through problems, and your communication style. It’s a chance to really […]

From his first job in agriculture, to his position today at University of Toronto, Professor Nick Provart has been “delighted” to work with plants and computers. His two courses, Bioinformatics Methods I and II, teach students how to combine their knowledge of biology with a working understanding of popular software systems like Cytoscape and BioConductor. […]

Professor Peter Van Roy is on a mission to change the way students and developers view computer programming. Instead of teaching a course that focuses on one programming paradigm — say, object-oriented, like JavaScript — he focuses on teaching students how different paradigms can work in tandem. And while he’s been teaching this course to undergrads […]