Data Science Career Track Now Includes Deep Learning, Machine Learning, and More

Kayleigh KarutisKayleigh Karutis | 2 minute read | November 14, 2017

Our mission here at Springboard is to enable lifelong learning for our students. We take that mission to heart, and are always looking to learn from our students and industry experts about how to make our courses even better.

Recently we took thoughtful feedback from our students and mentors, combined it with deep industry research, and have updated our Data Science Career Track—the first course of its kind with a job guarantee, or your money back—to provide an even more in-depth, custom experience for our students.

  1. The curriculum now includes the most cutting edge teachings in deep learning and machine learning. Students will now dig deep into artificial intelligence with our new course modules, and learn one of today’s most in-demand skills.
  2. We partnered with the education leaders at Datacamp—experts in teaching R and Python—to update the rest of the curriculum, too, to make sure students are always learning the most up-to-date best practices.
  3. A smoother learning experience makes coursework easier, so we updated our platform with the ability to customize your study plan, new video integrations with Skype, and more, all of it designed to make your experience more efficient and seamless.
  4. Over the last few months, we’ve honed our career offering to some pretty great results: Dozens of our graduates have already received data science job offers, with the average offer coming before the course is even over. We’ve seen an average job placement rate of 23 weeks—that includes the 24-week length of the course.
  5. And, we’ve increased the size of our career services team to offer students even more coaching and mock interviews, and deepen our industry partnerships.

Students are loving their success; take Justin Knight, a student of ours who landed a role as the principal data scientist at Nielsen.

Students are loving their success; take Justin Knight, a student of ours who landed a role as the principal data scientist at Nielsen. In the domain of data science, the sky is the limit, and Springboard is committed to guiding mentees to achieve their ultimate goal of becoming future data scientists and machine learning engineers.

To reflect these exciting new changes, we’re updating the course price for 2018.
In the meantime, though, you can get the updated Data Science Career Track for pre-2018 prices if you apply before November 28. Applying is free—apply to reserve your spot, and pre-2018 prices, or reach out with any questions in the meantime!

Since you’re here…
Thinking about a career in data science? Enroll in our Data Science Bootcamp, and we’ll get you hired in 6 months. If you’re still playing the field, take a peek at our free data science curriculum, and don’t forget to peep our student reviews. The data’s on our side.

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