New Year, New Career: A Data Science Success Story

T.J. DeGroatT.J. DeGroat | 2 minute read | May 14, 2019
Jonas Cuadrado

A physics major and computer science minor, Jonas Cuadrado was headed toward a Ph.D. when he decided to pivot and learn data science formally.

It’s the “perfect mix” of disciplines he has studied and is interested in exploring further, he said. “From math, the statistical theory and applicability limits of the algorithms; from physics, understanding a system based on the data we have from it; and from engineering, we are trying to find efficient solutions to problems using limited resources.”

Jonas Cuadrado

When it came time to choose a learning path, Jonas got interested in the data science field and picked Springboard’s Data Science Career Track “because of its flexibility, the mentor program, and how it’s tailored to prepare the students to the real world.”

The experience was “really smooth,” he said.The curriculum was very helpful, allowed me to dive deep in the problems I was more interested in, but also forced me to take the steps to be successful.”

Jonas had a fantastic relationship with his mentor, Varun. “He always gave me meaningful insights about how corporations work, the hiring process, or just useful resources on how to move forward,” he said. “I believe we were a great match. He understood me very well.”

Varun’s support was particularly important as Jonas navigated the capstone portion of the Data Science Career Track.

He created a recommendation system for hotels, inspired by his love of travel and familiarity with how Netflix and Pandora were using machine learning to recommend content to users. “Using academic models to beat the cold start problem, I created a user-based and item-based recommendation system and built an app on Django to support it,” Jonas said.

You can check out the result here.

Jonas completed the Springboard course in December and started a new job as a data scientist in January. He’s part of the team at Feedzai, creating solutions for banks and merchants to detect fraud in real time.

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