Springboard UX Design Course alum Heidi Sanders, a digital designer for Kendo Brands, talks about her transition from graphic design and details how she stayed motivated while trying to fast-track her bootcamp experience.

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Why did you enroll with Springboard?

I decided to enroll with Springboard because I needed a flexible way to learn user experience design. it was something that I hadn’t previously learned in my university learning and I wanted to develop those skills and home in on more of a digital landscape because before I had worked as primarily a graphic designer.

How did you stay motivated?

I had a personal goal to finish the whole thing in two months. I really wanted to fast-track my learning and I think just because of that I had to keep on myself to just keep go-go-go-go-going.

What was your mentor experience like?

What a mentor call looked like for me was—I kind of treated it like I was presenting to my manager or to a client. So I would present whichever the week’s tasks were—or if you were going through the capstone project it would be part of the capstone—and so I would present to my mentor, she would provide feedback for me, we would talk about where my roadblocks were and what sort of challenges I had throughout. If there was anything I didn’t understand, she was able to put it into layman’s terms for me, which was extremely helpful.

What surprised you about UX design?

The amount of data you have to amass when approaching your project. I personally love data-driven design and I think that I was absolutely surprised at how much data you have to gather and how much digging you have to do to really make your case for changing a design or changing a user interface.

How was your Springboard experience overall?

I think the experience with Springboard was really great because it was super flexible. I liked having the support of an online community where you could ask questions and you could see everyone else’s work—I thought that was really helpful. I felt like I had a great support system because if I were doing it just on my own without a mentor and without that support system, I don’t think I would have been as successful as I was.

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