From a breach at Equifax affecting 145 million to Uber’s recent security scare impacting 57 million drivers and riders, it seems like every day brings with it news of another massive security breach impacting our personal data. It’s clear cybersecurity is a challenge; no company is immune to risk; and the need for professionals in the field is more pressing than ever.

At Springboard, a core part of our mission is to equip individuals with the skills and knowledge they need to meet that skills gap head-on. In so doing, we’re working toward two goals: empowering people by teaching in-demand skills; and solving larger global economic  problems by training a skilled workforce ready and able to take on these new-economy jobs.

For both of these goals, cybersecurity is a prime area ripe for growth. Because of that, we’re thrilled to announce we are launching a course in cybersecurity. The course is currently under development with subject matter experts and cybersecurity professionals, and will launch this spring.

Experts predict anywhere from 2 to 3 million unfilled cybersecurity jobs in the coming years. Companies worldwide are making security a top priority thanks to the changing tech landscape, further fueling the demand for top cybersecurity talent. These jobs are often at the forefront of policing and ensuring safe, fair online activity. Making sure our front line defenses are strong is a great responsibility.

The opportunities don’t stop there. Not only do cybersecurity professionals get to work on the front lines of online safety—a fulfilling and empowering pursuit—they also enjoy incredible job security and high salaries. Consider this:

  1. Salaries for all cybersecurity jobs are expected to rise 8 percent in 2018 alone
  2. Qualified candidates often have their pick of competing job offers with above-market salaries
  3. The average chief information security officer in San Francisco makes $249,000
  4. Cybersecurity analysts make, on average, $90,000 to $185,000
  5. IT security specialists average $113,000, and even entry-level security analysts start at $64,000, with huge opportunities for bonuses and incentives

Starting a career in cybersecurity not only means a strong entry-level position and salary—it also means solid job security and lots of opportunities for growth and advancement.

We’re honored and excited to help educate and equip the next generation of cybersecurity professionals, and can’t wait to share our course with you soon. Learn more about it, apply—and stay tuned for more updates as we continue to develop this exciting new offering!