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Simona GalantSimona Galant | 2 minute read | April 6, 2020
Springboard partners with career karma

Despite the recent shift to virtual working environments in the wake of COVID-19, online learning has been at the forefront of education for many years. While skill-based learning is indeed different from brick and mortar systems both in method and in execution, the two systems are united in their goal to promote student success and long-term career goals. 

Today, many students face the reality of online learning when it comes to higher education. With the abundance of programs available, choosing an online program can seem daunting. Finding a bootcamp that fits both your lifestyle and your financial needs is no easy feat. In order to help prospective virtual learners choose a program that’s the right fit for their goals and background, Springboard has partnered with CareerKarma.

Together, we hope to foster a space of shared knowledge and experience-driven insights with the online learning community. On the BootcampRankings platform, students can access real-life accounts of their experiences with online learning programs. In their organic review platform, you’ll find up-to-date information about the best tech boot camps available online today including reviews of our Data Science, Software Engineering, and UX/UI Career Tracks

CareerKarma provides clear and detailed facts about each program, including: 

  • Bootcamp locations
  • Bootcamp schedules
  • Bootcamp tuition
  • Course options
  • Income share agreements

If you’re setting out to pursue a high-tech education through a bootcamp, CareerKarma’s platform offers a comprehensive guide to what you’ll need, from course structure to financing. By using the BootcampRankings platform, you can kickstart your journey to gaining the skillset you need to find a career you love.

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Springboard has been running mentorship-based online courses since 2015. We’ve spent years perfecting our fully online model to meet our students’ needs for a program that lets them learn entirely from home.

Ready to learn more? Browse our Career Tracks and find the perfect fit for your next career. We offer online courses in UI/UX design, data science, data analytics, software engineering, and machine learning—all with our one-of-a-kind job guarantee. Each student gets a 6-month runway to secure a role in their industry: if you don’t, you’ll get 100% of your tuition back.

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