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We’re thrilled to announce that Springboard is a top-rated coding school on SwitchUp! The bootcamp review site SwitchUp recently released their year-end ‘Best Data Science Bootcamps’ list, and Springboard ended the year with 13 alumni reviews at 4.9 stars.

Springboard takes student feedback seriously, and it was exciting for us to see our students being genuinely impressed by Springboard’s self-paced structure, mentor program, and curriculum. Here’s the breakdown of what our students had to say:

  1. Well-Structured, Self-Paced, Flexible Curriculum

Alumni loved that they could learn at their own pace and schedule the course around work, school and family commitments. As one reviewer put it:

“There is so much material on the topic out there, but having it curated in one place and presented in a meaningful way was wonderful. You have the option to pause your program if you need to, which I needed to do for personal reasons, and it was easy to pick up where I left off when I came back.”

      2. The Best Mentor Support

Students had great things to say about Springboard’s mentor program. At the start of the course, students work 1-on-1 with an advisor to find a mentor that best meets their individual needs. The mentor acts as a student’s support system throughout the course, which made all the difference to several of our students. One alumni explains:

“The real difference with the Springboard courses is the feedback you get from the mentors. I got concentrated doses of information in the classes and the mentor calls, and I was able to apply them immediately in my projects. I [chose] Springboard based on the delightful combination of self-paced study, weekly mentor calls and weekly office hours, and I was able to see the results of my study efforts immediately.”

      3.  The Perfect Combination of Curriculum + Community

Students from all backgrounds consistently found the curriculum to be well-designed, challenging, and comprehensive. By combining a well-structured curriculum with a community of mentors, Springboard helped many reviewers transition into a new career. As Springboard alum Shivani put it:

“I found Springboard’s coursework to be the most well-filtered and appropriately consolidated, […] the best resources available on the internet [are] in the syllabus. [The online] community is also very resourceful, with students and mentors always eager to help.”

What else do alumni have to say about Springboard? To learn more about coding bootcamps and leave a review of Springboard, visit

Data Science Career Track

Data Science Career Track