Meet Bonnie Sweet, a graduate of Springboard’s UI/UX Design Career Track and a participant in our Industry Design Project.  This project is a cornerstone of Springboard’s UX design programs and provides a hybrid learning and hands-on work experience as a team. During this learning stage, students are matched with a company to complete a 40-hour […]

The days of getting a degree and working in one field into retirement are long gone. While there’s no clear consensus as to the number, recent reports suggest that people now change careers several times throughout their professional lives. Such a shift requires working people to constantly develop new skills and pursue new opportunities. ‌Having a […]

Meet Gilles Ngomeni, a student enrolled in Springboard’s Data Analytics Career Track. When Gilles Ngomeni enrolled in the Data Analytics Career Track at Springboard, he promised his two young children that once he finished the course, he would move them from their cramped apartment into a big house with a garden like the one they […]

Meet Sam Fisher, a graduate of Springboard’s Data Science Career Track. “I think of data science as an amalgam term,” says data scientist and machine learning engineer Sam Fisher. “When I hear the term, ‘data science,’ I think about how the fields of statistics and machine learning are mixing in ways that some traditionalists are […]

Meet Reagan Tatsch, a former marketing operations manager turned data analyst. After the tech startup he was working for went under during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Reagan Tatsch found himself wondering what to do next. He’d spent years working in marketing operations and had just recently started learning about data analytics before he […]

Meet Jane French, a graduate of Springboard’s UX Career Track. Jane had always loved languages. As a child, she would create quizzes in Microsoft Excel for her younger siblings to help them learn French. Then, when she and her husband moved to Spain three years ago, Jane found herself doing the same thing to help […]

Making a career change can be intimidating. And yet, moving from one job to another is becoming increasingly more common. The average person in the United States changes careers between five and seven times in their life. According to CNBC, 49% of people have made a “dramatic” career shift at least once—say, from marketing to […]

So you’ve landed your first role as a software engineer—congrats! Now that you’ve signed your employment agreement and gone through any onboarding, you’re ready to dive into your first week on the job.  Use this handy guide to help you navigate your new role with confidence and purpose. Get in the loop—and stay in it […]