Nov 3, 2014

Weekly MOOC Buffet 31 (3rd Nov – 9th Nov, 2014)


Terrorism is one of the defining challenges of our generation. It threatens the peaceful existence of governments, businesses and ordinary citizens alike. But what does the world of Academia have to say about this phenomenon? Can it offer a means to limit it’s impact? Take “Terrorism and Counter-terrorism’ from Leiden U. to find out. And check out 13 other courses spanning Healthcare, Philosophy, Politics and Data Analysis in the 31st MOOC Buffet. See what you like below and sign up!

1. E-learning and Digital Cultures
This course will explore how digital cultures and learning cultures connect, and what this means for the ways in which we conduct education online. The course is not about how to ‘do’ e-learning; rather, it is an invitation to view online educational practices through a particular lens – that of popular and digital culture. Follow this course on Twitter at #edcmooc.

Provider: Coursera | University: Edinburgh U. | Duration: 5 weeks

2. An Introduction to Global Health
This course will provide you with an overview of the most important health challenges facing the world today. You will gain insight into how challenges have changed over time, we will discuss the likely determinants of such changes and examine future projections. Successful international strategies and programs promoting human health will be highlighted and global health governance structures will be mapped and the role of the key actors explored.

Provider: Coursera | University: U. of Copenhagen | Duration: 5 weeks

3. Terrorism and Counterterrorism: Comparing Theory and Practice
This course gives an introduction into the field of terrorism & counterterrorism studies. It will help you to analyze and understand these complex phenomena and discuss its impact on society with a global audience.

Provider: Coursera | University: Leiden U. | Duration: 6 weeks

4. Inspiring Leadership through Emotional Intelligence
Based on decades of research into emotional intelligence competencies and longitudinal studies of their development, this course will examine resonance and developing “resonant leadership” capability, emotional intelligence, and the experiences of mindfulness, hope, and compassion.

Provider: Coursera | University: Case Western | Duration:8 weeks

5. Introduction to International Criminal Law
Taught by one of the world’s leading experts in the field, this course will educate students about the fundamentals of international criminal law and policy. We will explore the challenges of prosecuting international genocide, war crimes, terrorism, and piracy cases.

Provider: Coursera | University: Case Western | Duration: 12 weeks

6. Conditions of War and Peace
This course aims to nail down some of the basic issues that had been argued in the current research on peace and security.

Provider: Coursera | University: U. of Tokyo | Duration: 4 weeks

7. Evolution: A Course for Educators
How are all of the species living on Earth today related? How does understanding evolutionary science contribute to our well-being? In this course, participants will learn about evolutionary relationships, population genetics, and natural and artificial selection. Participants will explore evolutionary science and learn how to integrate it into their classrooms.

Provider: Coursera | University: American Museum of Natural History | Duration: 4 weeks

8. On Strategy : What Managers Can Learn from Philosophy – PART 1
In the expression “creative thinking”, the keyword is not creativity; the keyword is thinking. With the help of great philosophers, you will rediscover the art of thinking.

Provider: Coursera | University: Ecole Centrale Paris | Duration: 6 weeks

9. Major Depression in the Population: A Public Health Approach
This course illustrates the principles of public health applied to depressive disorder, including principles of epidemiology, transcultural psychiatry, health services research, and prevention.

Provider: Coursera | University: Johns Hopkins | Duration: 7 weeks

10. Analyzing Global Trends for Business and Society
AWhat does the future hold for global markets? How are societies and cultures evolving? Who will be global powers of the 21st century? Take this class and find out how global trends are transforming business and society.

Provider: Coursera | University: Wharton | Duration: 7 weeks

11. Understanding Research Methods
This course enables students to develop their understanding of research methods, and confidence in designing a research project, choosing and executing appropriate methods, and assessing its intellectual/academic rigour.

Provider: Coursera | University: U. of London | Duration: 6 weeks

12. Foundations of Data Analysis
This is a hands on course with a data lab to teach fundamental statistical topics such as descriptive statistics, inferential testing, and modeling.

Provider: edX | University: UT Austin | Duration: 13 weeks

13. Visualizing Postwar Tokyo, Part 1
Analyze the history of change and development in postwar Tokyo from different perspectives using archived photographs, films, and TV programs.

Provider: edX | University: U. of Tokyo | Duration: 4 weeks

14. The Biology of Water and Health – Part 1
The course focuses on the importance of water, sanitation and hygiene to maternal and child nutrition and growth, and encourages participants to explore social, economic, and behavioral dimensions in a global, multi-dimensional context.

Provider: edX | University: Tufts U. | Duration: 4 weeks

As always, if you have taken any of these courses before, do see how they relate to one another on Springboard!