Data-Driven Strategic Thinking Course

Boost your team’s data fluency, critical thinking, and influential storytelling skills.

  • 8-week online course with live group sessions and 1:1 expert mentorship

  • Employees complete job-related projects with quantifiable financial impacts

  • Cohort-based approach deepens engagement and collaboration

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Chosen by industry-leading brands:

  • Frame and structure problems

    Learn the fundamentals of attacking complex challenges, including: scope management, question framing, hypothesis formation, and prioritization.

  • Organize and analyze data

    Master the best practices for identifying, collecting, and refining data, including: data gathering methods, string functions, lookups, data visualizations, and model building theory.

  • Synthesize insights

    Transform raw data into actionable information and develop frameworks to complete work-specific projects that have real impacts on business growth.

  • Communicate effectively

    Convey findings and recommendations in a persuasive way by acquiring narrative techniques, learning best practices for email and oral communication, and developing compelling “cut to the chase” executive summaries.

Accelerate growth with sharper strategic thinking

Through a combination of human-led instruction, collaborative learning programs, and individualized job-related projects, Springboard delivers a personalized experience that is focused on skills mastery, not general subject matter familiarity.

Human-Led Instruction

Unlike passive video-based on-demand tools, Springboard students learn from industry experts, are supported by coaches who keep them on track, and meet 1:1 with mentors who ground lessons in real-world application.

Collaborative Learning

With Springboard for Business, your entire team can take the course at once. This cohort-based approach boosts engagement, collaboration, and unity.

Company-Specific Projects

Each participant identifies a project in collaboration with their manager to solve a critical business problem, optimize a process, or launch a new initiative. This both reinforces newly acquired skills and produces immediate business results.

Springboard's Data-Driven Strategic Thinking course at HP

HP, an industry-leading technology company and three-year Springboard client, has deployed Springboard's Data-Driven Strategic Thinking course in 28 countries to consistently elevate the performance of its global marketing team.

Team Proficiency Before Springboard

Team Proficiency After Springboard

Problem Definition and Framing



Synthesis of Insights



Email & Oral Communication



Data Analysis & Visualization






Immediate ROI with measurable growth

11x ROI

Clients like HP have realized a conservatively estimated 11x return on investment just from the job-specific projects completed during the Data-Driven Strategic Thinking course.


Increase in MQL-to-Opportunity conversion rate—just one of hundreds of efficiences unlocked through in-course projects completed by HP employees.


Average per-project financial gain across all HP projects completed to date in the Data-Driven Strategic Thinking course.

Elevate your team’s performance

As new technologies like AI continue to reshape the future of work, it's critical now to unleash the full potential of your people. Don't postpone arming your team with the expert-level data and critical thinking skills required to thrive.

Data-Driven Strategic Thinking for your team

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