Machine Learning & AI Bootcamp

Deploy algorithms and build a job-ready portfolio in 9 months

Build your skill with foundations in machine learning and deep learning. Program developed in partnership with the University of California San Diego Extended Studies.

100% online

Curated curriculum

1-on-1 mentorship

Career coaching

Our Machine Learning Engineering and AI graduates have been hired by:

  • Develop skills in linear and logistical regression, anomaly detection, cleaning and transforming data

  • Design a machine/deep learning system, build a prototype and deploy a running application that can be accessed via API or web service — no other bootcamp does this

  • Build a unique portfolio of projects that set you apart from others, so you can land the job you want

Earn a certificate that sets you apart

We’ve built this program in partnership with UCSD Extended Studies.

In this program, you’ll build university-backed skills and a certificate of completion that proves your mastery of core ML skills.

University of California San Diego Extended Studies - Machine Learning Engineering Bootcamp Certificate of Completion

Prerequisites and course requirements

  • Proficiency in object-oriented programming (Python, Java, or JavaScript)

Ready to become a ML Engineer? Get the syllabus and more

The syllabus, mentorship details and further information are available on the UCSD Extended Studies course page.