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The only cybersecurity bootcamp with a job guarantee.
Feel secure knowing that if you don’t land a job within 6 months of graduation, you’ll receive a full refund and keep your Security+ Certification.
Know the industry
Your mentor is a current cybersecurity professional and can share trends every week.
Prepare with your career coach
1-on-1 coaching to craft your resume, LinkedIn, build your network and prepare for interviews.
Build a portfolio
Showcase your capstone project and solution design process to potential employers.
Get recognized globally with CompTIA Security+

We’ve partnered with CompTIA, the world's leading tech association, to create this program. CompTIA has developed certification exams that map directly to today’s current IT job roles.

CompTIA Security+

CompTIA's Security+ certification lays the groundwork for specialized career paths in cybersecurity. Security+ is a global certification that validates the baseline skills necessary to perform core security functions and pursue an IT security career. Certification covers core technical skills in risk assessment and management, incident response, forensics, enterprise networks, hybrid/cloud operations, and security controls, ensuring high-performance on the job.

Springboard’s Cyber Security Bootcamp incorporates preparation materials, developed with CompTIA, for taking the certification exam, as well as official practice exams.

Build practical skills with personalized support
You'll complete 30+ labs, 30+ assignments, and one capstone project to showcase your skills to employers. You'll work directly with a personal mentor, an expert cybersecurity professional currently working in the industry.
While working on the projects, you'll:
Practice on real-world scenarios
Build and share a custom cybersecurity range
Craft and Deploy Malware using a Remote Access Trojan (RAT)
Formalize an Incident Response Procedures, Forensics, and Forensic Analysis
Learn the skills employers are looking for

This 360-hour bootcamp covers cybersecurity fundamentals, systems and network security, vulnerability assessment, and security operations. By studying 15-20 hours per week, you should complete it in 6 months. Course units include learning resources, practice exercises, practical labs, and career-related coursework. Here is a preview.

Cybersecurity Fundamentals
Identity and Access Management
Security Assessment and Training
Capstone Project
Estimated time: 18+ Hours

This module introduces you to the fundamentals of cybersecurity through a hands-on journey of recognizing basic IT security threats and various ways to mitigate those threats. This involves an exploration of red-team (offensive security professionals) vs. blue-team (defensive security professionals) spheres of work, setting you up for the first, user-facing domains of cybersecurity: systems security.

  • Threat Actor Types and Attributes (hackers, DarkNet, social engineering, etc.)
  • Three-legged Stool (CIA)
  • Intro to Security+ Certification
  • Red- vs. Blue-team
  • Malware (types and delivery)
  • 3 Practical Labs
Estimated time: 13+ Hours

Identity and Access Management (IAM) is one of the most important disciplines within cybersecurity. It aims to manage user identities and their access to enterprise resources and data. IAM governance and programs—including policies, processes, and technologies—manage user identities and access, as well as what a user can do within a system through authentication, authorization, and accounting.

  • Authentication models and components
  • Access control models defined
  • Rights, permissions, and policies
  • 5 Practical Labs
Estimated time: 50+ Hours

In the Security Assessment and Training unit, you will learn how to conduct security assessments and recommend remediation activities. You will also learn how to create Information Security (IS) audit test plans, which will give you insight into how IS auditors approach their engagements. Exposure to advanced concepts around web security testing and the use of Kali Linux is also included.

  • Conducting Risk Assessments and Audits of Controls
  • Assessing Vulnerabilities
  • Vulnerability Remediation
  • 5 Practical Labs
Estimated time: 18+ Hours

The guided capstone project will consist of several stages of solution design for a given problem statement. During this capstone, you will be required to work on a hypothetical pen test and develop a corrective action plan. The guided capstone is designed to help you understand how various components that we learn throughout the course come together to form an experience that familiarizes the student with a day-in-the-life of a security analyst.

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Work 1:1 with a mentor
Get the training you need to learn cybersecurity. Our mentor-guided learning not only helps you build skills faster, but also enables career growth.


Discuss weekly project deliverables, industry topics, or career advice


Keep you accountable and help you master and apply key techniques

Industry insight

Offer you a window into the professional cybersecurity industry.
"My mentor was absolutely outstanding. Andy challenged me, provided me with endless constructive criticism and feedback, and was always so flexible."
Amber Hicks
Springboard Design Graduate
Alissa Torres
Sr. Manager
John Hillegass
Sr. Engr. Manager
Travis Felder
Cybersecurity Architect
Leonard Simon
MSSP Manager

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Get the perfect job with 1:1 career coaching

Our career-focused curriculum, 1:1 calls with your career coach, and mock interviews, will help you land your dream job. You can access these and all our career support services for 6 months after completing the program.

Your career coaching calls will help you:
Create a successful job search strategy
Build your professional network
Craft a cybersecurity resume and LinkedIn
Prepare with mock behavioral and technical interviews
Ace the job interview
Negotiate your salary
See how your career coach can help you
Stay on track with your job search while building technical skills

Is this program right for me?

This cybersecurity bootcamp is designed for people who have an appetite to try new things, an aptitude for problem-solving, and strong communication and collaboration skills. We welcome students from all work experiences and fields of study.


All backgrounds are welcome, as long as you can demonstrate strong analytical skills and a determination to work through and complete all required course activities.
Passing an evaluation of baseline soft-skills, centered around communication skills, motivation, professionalism, a commitment to learning and an analytical mindset.
Need more prep?

If you aren't ready to take the Cyber Security Bootcamp yet, check out our free Foundations course instead.

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More questions about the program?

Schedule a call with our Admissions team or email Orlando, our Admissions Manager, who will help you think through the decision.

Cyber Security course start dates

The Cyber Security Career Track is a 6-month program. Most students devote 15-20 hours a week to complete the course. You can complete the course earlier by putting in more time per week.


The full tuition of the program is $11,340. If you pay upfront for the program, you get a 13% discount on tuition. Remember, if you don’t get a job within 6 months of completion, you’ll receive a full refund. Read the full Job Guarantee eligibility terms and conditions here

Scholarship eligibility: Are you a woman or a veteran?
Upfront discount
Pay upfront and save on tuition
Paid at the time of enrollment
Total cost
Month to month
Pay only for the months you need, up to 6 months
$1,890 /mo
Total: Up to $11,340
Paid at the time of enrollment
Monthly payments during course
Total cost
Variable (up to $11,340)
Climb Credit loan
Finance your education with low monthly payments
$57-$152* /mo
Total: $12,804-$15,314*
Paid at the time of enrollment
Monthly payments during course
$57-$152* (interest payments only)
Monthly payments after course
$346-$400* for 36 months
Total cost
$12,804-$15,314* (max loan amount of $10,840)
*range varies based on approved loan terms and only available for U.S. residents
Deferred Tuition Plan
Pay monthly only after you start a cybersecurity job
$450 /mo
Paid at the time of enrollment
$700 refundable deposit
Monthly payments during course
Monthly payments after course
$450/mo for 36 months after starting new job
Total cost
* only available for U.S. citizens/permanent residents
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Apply now for the Cyber Security Bootcamp

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The application is free and takes ~5 minutes to complete.

What is included in the course?

360+ hour expert-curated curriculum
Over 30 labs to build your practical skills
Weekly video calls with your mentor
Active online student community
1-on-1 career coach calls
Resume and LinkedIn profile reviews
1-on-1 mock interviews
Access to our employer network
100% money-back guarantee
Frequently Asked Questions
Is this course conducted online or in person?

The course is completely online. All you need is an internet connection.

How long does this course take?

Becoming a cybersecurity professional takes time and effort. We've built a curriculum to teach you what you should know to land a job. The course length will vary for each student since the course is entirely self-paced. We expect most students will finish the course in 6 months working at ~15-20 hours per week.

How do the tuition payments work?

There are 4 payment options (all of which come with our job guarantee as long as you meet eligibility requirements). Our two standard payment plans are:

  • Monthly Plan: You pay $1,890 per month, only for the months you're enrolled (most students complete within 6 months).
  • Upfront payment: You pay $9,900 upfront for 6 months. This is a 13% discount on the monthly plan.

In addition, we have 2 other payment options. These are available by application to qualifying US citizens and permanent residents. If you are not a US citizen or permanent resident, you can still apply for Climb financing with a fully qualifying co-borrower who is a citizen or permanent resident - as long as you both have a US address. Deferred tuition is only available to US Citizens and permanent residents.

  • Deferred Tuition: You pay a $700 deposit upon enrollment to confirm your seat (that's a discount on the normal $1,890/mo plan). Then, you’ll pay the remaining tuition ($16,200) only when you land a job using your newly learned skills. You can pay that final balance in 36 monthly installments of $450. The remaining tuition will be waived if you don’t get a job, and maintain eligibility, within six months of graduating!
  • Climb Credit loan: Available by application to qualifying US citizens and permanent residents. If you are not a US citizen or permanent resident, you can still apply for financing with a fully qualifying co-borrower who is a citizen or permanent resident - as long as you both have a US address.
    • If approved, you pay a $500-$700 deposit to confirm your seat. You can finance the remaining $10,840 through a loan. You’ll make small interest-only payments for the first 6 months. After that, you will pay 36 monthly payments of $346- $400 each.
    • Due to regulatory issues, Climb Credit can no longer fund loans for Maine residents. If you live in Maine, you can still be approved if you apply with someone from any other U.S. state.
    • Please note: lending might not be available in all 50 states - click here for the current full lending list.

All charges will be in USD (based on the above prices). If you reside outside the U.S., this might carry an additional transaction fee, depending on the bank you use. We display prices in your local currency to give you an estimate of how much you will pay based on prevailing exchange rates, excluding transaction fees.

I need help with payments. Do you offer financing?

Yes! Finance your tuition with a loan from our partner Climb Credit. If approved, you can start by paying as little as $57 - $152 per month. Learn more.