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Learn both technical and business thinking skills, and get career support to get hired.

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A data analytics bootcamp on your schedule, guaranteed to get you a job
Get the training you need for a successful career in data analytics. Learn at your own pace with 1-on-1 mentorship from industry experts and support from student advisors and career coaches.
1-on-1 mentor support
Regular meetings to discuss your curriculum, project, or career-specific questions.
Hands-on experience
Learn in-depth technical skills through project based learning.
Job Guarantee
Land a job as a business analyst or data analyst within 6 months of graduating or get a full refund.
Technical skills are not enough to get you hired

According to hiring managers, most job seekers fail to impress on structured thinking and problem-solving.

We teach what hiring managers look for

Our data analytics bootcamp goes beyond just the technical skills, to focus on areas where employers find the biggest gaps -- strategic thinking, problem-solving, and communication.

Watch videos from Microsoft. Learn insights from McKinsey experts. Tackle case studies from Harvard Business School. No other data analytics bootcamp does this.

You’ll graduate with an analytical mindset. That’s an edge not just for your job search, but throughout your career.

An industry-leading program
Enrolling with Springboard guarantees you a quality learning experience.
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What you'll learn in this data analytics bootcamp

We partnered with industry insiders, so you can learn the skills that employers look for. The 400+ hour curriculum features a combination of videos, articles, hands-on projects and case studies, and career-related coursework.

Framing structured thinking
Analyzing business problems
Connecting data using SQL
Visualizing data with Python
Communicating your analysis
Estimated time: 25+ Hours

All data analysis starts with a question. But how does one ask the right question? In this unit, you'll learn to think in a structured manner and break down problems into bite-sized chunks, which can be tested. This will guide your analysis and prevent you from analyzing data for the sake of analysis.

  • Structured thinking through case studies and problem statement worksheets
  • Problem Solving Framework and Processes such as the HDEIP Framework
  • Issue Trees, Hypotheses Trees, and Value Driver Trees
Estimated time: 85+ Hours

A key skill analysts should have is the ability to structure their efforts around a central theme and present it to an executive with tangible business insight. In this unit, you’ll be introduced to common financial concepts as well as the basics of economics.

  • Using Excel to create a default financial analysis module covering revenue and operational cost modelling.
  • Financial concepts including revenue, cost of goods sold, profit, balance sheets, cash flow statements, income statements and EBIT
  • Economic concepts including supply and demand curves, cost curves
  • Statistical concepts including descriptive statistics (mean, mode, standard deviation, correlations etc.), correlations, simple and multivariate regression, confidence intervals
Estimated time: 30+ Hours

You’ve been asked to analyze an extensive set of data so you can answer the burning question your executive has. In this unit, you’ll develop a high-level understanding of what databases are, learn about the databases that you can use in your work, and learn how to communicate with databases.

  • Introduction to SQL, best practices in writing queries (including common table expressions) and common DA/BA tools
  • Introduction to structured and unstructured Databases
  • Introduction to set theory
  • Case studies and hands-on exercises in writing SQL with real data
  • Advanced supplementary material (i.e. Mode SQL)
Estimated time: 40+ Hours

Coding skills, especially the ability to do data analysis in Python, are an additional skill set which will set you apart from your peers in the job market. In this unit, you’ll learn the basics of Python and key Python libraries, including pandas, numpy, matplotlib, seaborn, and more. You will learn how to import and wrangle data, as well as visualize it.

  • Basic Python syntax
  • Introduction to Jupyter and Jupyter Notebooks
  • Data cleaning
  • Visualizing data and trends with Seaborn and Matplotlib
  • Practical exercises in Python with real data to extract insights that could be presented to an executive audience
Estimated time: 60+ Hours

Data analysts also need to be adept at presenting the results of their analysis to the appropriate stakeholders. This is a key, high-demand skill that separates effective business-oriented data analysts from the rest. This unit covers best practices for presenting to both technical and non-technical audiences, ranging from front-line employees to executives.

  • Visualization tools such as Tableau and PowerBi
  • Creating presentations with Powerpoints etc.
  • Effective communication strategies, formats, and templates
  • Presentations to technical and non-technical stakeholders, and C-suite executives through case studies
  • Presentation practice across different forms

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Build industry-level projects

In addition to small projects designed to reinforce specific concepts, you’ll complete two capstone projects focused on a realistic data analytics scenario that you can show to future employers.

While working on the projects, you'll:
Choose an industry dataset
Conduct end-to-end analysis
Synthesize insights in slide deck format
Present your findings
Projects sourced from
Work 1:1 with a mentor
Get the data analytics training you need with our mentor-guided learning, which helps you build skills faster and promotes career growth.

1-on-1 guidance

Regular meetings with an experienced data mentor, where you can ask the questions that matter to you.


Your mentor will help you stay on track and as you tackle your curriculum, project, and career goals.

On-demand mentor calls

Get additional 1-on-1 help from experienced design mentors within our community, at no extra cost.
"They have top notch mentors that are experts in their field...and the project helped me solve a real world problem."
Khaled Jafar
Director Business Transformation Analytics at Dell
Chris Hui
Senior Data Scientist
Leslie Chen
Business Associate
Ryan George
Data Analyst
Venkatraman Prabhu
Sr. Product Manager

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Get the perfect job with 1:1 career coaching

Our career-focused curriculum, 1:1 calls with your career coach, and mock interviews, will help you land your dream job. You can access these and all our career support services for 6 months after completing the program.

Your career coaching calls will help you:
Create a successful job search strategy
Build your data analytics network
Find the right job titles and companies
Craft a data analytics resume and LinkedIn profile
Ace the job interview
Negotiate your salary
"Since Springboard, I've really blended my passion into my work. I got a job on an advanced analytics team."
Lou Zhang
Data Analyst, IHS Markit
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Our Data Analytics students launch fulfilling careers

enrolled students in our Data Analytics Career Track since 2019.
August, 2021
of job qualified individuals who reported an offer, received it within 12 months of graduation.
August, 2021
Average salary increase of Data Analytics students who provided pre- and post-course salaries.
August, 2021

Data analytics bootcamp start dates

The Data Analytics Career Track is a 6-month program. Most students devote 15-20 hours a week to complete the course.


The full tuition for the program is $10,140. If you pay upfront, you get a 16% discount. Remember, if you don’t get a job within 6 months of completion, you’ll receive a full refund. Read the full Job Guarantee eligibility terms and conditions here

Scholarship eligibility: Are you a woman or a veteran?
Upfront discount
Pay upfront and save 16% on tuition
Paid at the time of enrollment
Total cost
Monthly plan
Pay only for the months you need, up to 6 months
$1,690 /mo
Total: Up to $10,140
Paid at the time of enrollment
Monthly payments during course
Total cost
Variable (up to $10,140)
Deferred tuition
Pay monthly only after you start a data analytics job
$417 /mo
Total: $15,500
Paid at the time of enrollment
$500 refundable deposit
Monthly payments during course
Monthly payments after course
$417 for 36 months after starting new job
Total cost
* only available for U.S. citizens/permanent residents
Climb Credit loan
Finance your education with low monthly payments
$51 - 135*/mo
Total: $11,387 - $13,618*
Paid at the time of enrollment
Monthly payments during course
$51 - 135* (interest payments only)
Monthly payments after course
$308 - $356* for 36 months
Total cost
$11,387 - $13,618* (Loan amount of $9,640)
* range varies based on approved interest rate and only available for U.S. residents

Is this data analytics bootcamp right for me?

This data analytics bootcamp is designed for people who demonstrate an aptitude towards critical thinking and problem solving, and have two years of work experience.


Strong critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
2 years of professional work experience working regularly with office, design or programming tools
Fluency in English (written and spoken), as determined by initial interactions with the Admissions team.
Want more prep?

If you don’t meet these requirements, consider our Introduction to Analytics course.

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More questions about the program?

Schedule a call with our Admissions team or email Nigel, our Admissions Manager, who will help you think through the decision.

The Admissions Process

Submit your application
Fill out our application form to get started. There is no application fee. It takes about 5 minutes. Our hardworking admissions team will then review your application and get back to you ASAP.
Interview with an Admissions Director
We'll discuss your background and learning goals to make sure you're a good fit for the program.
Take the skills survey
If the program is a good fit, we'll send you a technical skills survey to gauge your analytical and communication skills before beginning the course.
Join the program
If you pass the skills survey, we will send you an enrollment link. Choose the start date and payment plan that works for you (we can help!).
Fill out our application form to get started. There is no application fee. It takes about 5 minutes. Our hardworking admissions team will then review your application and get back to you ASAP.
Meet a few of our Springboard alumni

Divya Parmar

Education: Economics
Previous Job: Insights & Data Consultant
Current Job: Product Analyst

After months of pivoting and massaging data sets and talking through solutions with my mentor, I felt empowered.

Heather Passmore

Education: Ph.D. in Ecology
Previous Job: Data Analyst
Current Job: Data Science Analyst

My mentor helped me define my questions, improve my visualizations and statistical testing, and present my findings in a coherent way.

Jon Shepard

Education: Political Science
Previous Job: Army Reserves
Current Job: Sr Associate

Having a community focused on accomplishing the same goal is crucial for staying motivated and on task

See how Springboard Compares

We're the only data analyst bootcamp that teaches you the business thinking skills that employers care about. Designed to fit your schedule at an affordable price.

Online or offline
1:1 Mentoring
Technical skills
Business analysis
Job Guarantee
Springboard Data Analytics Career Track
Online or offlineOnline
1:1 Mentoring
Technical skills
Business analysis
Job Guarantee
Thinkful Data Analytics Flexible
Online or offlineOnline
1:1 Mentoring
Technical skills
Business analysis
Job Guarantee
General Assembly Data Analytics
Online or offlineOnline
1:1 Mentoring
Technical skills
Business analysis
Job Guarantee
Galvanize Data Analytics
Online or offlineOffline
1:1 Mentoring
Technical skills
Business analysis
Job Guarantee
Northeastern Data Analytics Bootcamp (Level)
Online or offlineOnline / Offline
1:1 Mentoring
Technical skills
Business analysis
Job Guarantee

Apply for the Data Analytics Bootcamp

Secure your spot now. Spots are limited, and we accept qualified applicants on a first come, first served basis.


The application is free and takes just 10-15 minutes to complete.

400+ hour expert-curated curriculum
Regular video calls with your mentor
On-demand mentor support
Active online student community
Support from community managers
1:1 and group coaching calls
Resume and portfolio reviews
1-on-1 mock interviews
Access to our employer network
Job Guarantee
Frequently Asked Questions
What are the eligibility criteria and terms for the Job Guarantee?

A career transition into data analytics is exciting, but involves focused and consistent effort. We are thrilled to have your back in this journey and ask for an equal commitment from you. In order to be eligible for this job guarantee, you should:

  • be 18 years or older.
  • hold a Bachelor’s degree from any educational institution in any subject, which is still a requirement by most employers for these roles.
  • have at least two years of professional work experience in an office environment
  • be proficient in spoken and written English, as determined by initial interactions with our Admissions team
  • be eligible to legally work in the United States, or in Canada if applying for positions in Toronto, for at least 2 years following graduation from the Career Track. See the detailed policy for further requirements about specific Visa types
  • be able to pass any background checks associated with jobs that you apply for
  • apply to positions, dedicate sufficient time and effort, and follow the job search process recommended to you by our career coaches.

Read the full eligibility criteria and terms here.

How do tuition payments work?

There are 4 payment options (all of which come with our job guarantee as long as you meet eligibility requirements). Our two standard payment plans are:

  • Monthly Plan: You pay $1,690 per month while you are enrolled in the program. If you take 6 months to graduate, your total payment is $10,140. If you graduate sooner, you pay less!
  • Upfront payment: You pay $8,500 upfront for 6 months. This is a 16% discount on the monthly plan.

In addition, we have 2 other payment options. These are available by application to qualifying US citizens and permanent residents. If you are not a US citizen or permanent resident, you can still apply for financing with a fully qualifying co-borrower who is a citizen or permanent resident - as long as you both have a US address.

  • Deferred Tuition: You pay a $500 deposit upon enrollment to confirm your seat (that's a discount on the normal $1,690/mo plan). Then, you’ll pay the remaining tuition ($15,000) only when you land a job using your newly learned skills. You can pay that final balance in 36 monthly installments of $417. The remaining tuition will be waived if you don’t get a job, and maintain eligibility, within six months of graduating!
  • Climb Credit loan: Available by application to qualifying US citizens and permanent residents. If you are not a US citizen or permanent resident, you can still apply for financing with a fully qualifying co-borrower who is a citizen or permanent resident - as long as you both have a US address. If approved, you pay $500 deposit to confirm your seat. You can finance the remaining $9,640 through a loan. You’ll make small interest-only payments for the first 6 months ($51-$135/mo). After that, you will pay 36 monthly payments of $308-$356 each. Learn more here
  • Due to regulatory issues, Climb Credit can no longer fund loans for Maine residents. If you live in Maine, you can still be approved if you apply with someone from any other U.S. state.
  • Please note: lending might not be available in all 50 states - click here for the current full lending list.

All charges will be in USD (based on the above prices). If you reside outside the U.S., this might carry an additional transaction fee, depending on the bank you use. We display prices in your local currency to give you an estimate of how much you will pay based on prevailing exchange rates, excluding transaction fees.

I need help with payments. Do you offer financing?

Yes, we have a financing option available! Students can apply for a loan with our partner Climb Credit, and if approved, use it to pay for tuition. Learn about the application process on Climb Credit's website here.

We do also have a Deferred Tuition payment plan. With this payment plan, you can pay an initial upfront deposit ($500) and then not pay anything else until you graduate. This option is not subject to interest on payment––you will owe a flat fee of $15,000 once you get a job. This fee will also be broken up into monthly payment of $417/month over 12 months.

What is included in the course price?

We not only provide content to help you get a data science job quickly, we want you to have more impact in the role that you land.
Your tuition includes:

  • 400+ hour curriculum of technical and career materials curated by industry experts.
  • Regular 1-1 video calls with your personal mentor.
  • Access to an exclusive community of mentors, career coaches, and peers.
  • Dedicated community managers to answer questions and give feedback on projects within a day.
  • Personalized feedback to help you polish your resume, portfolio, and social profiles.
  • 1-on-1 sessions with a career coach to personalize your pitch and job-search strategy.
  • Lots of interview practice via 1-on-1 mock interviews (behavioral and technical).
  • Exclusive access to an employer network.
  • 100% money-back guarantee if you can't find a job within six months of course completion.
  • All taxes and fees.