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Our Data Engineering Bootcamp is no longer available.

Students who take our award-winning Data Science Bootcamp average a $23,788 salary increase.

An industry-leading Data Science Bootcamp

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Data Science
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A unique curriculum with a flexible learning schedule
Our Data Science Bootcamp is built on the same foundations of 1-on-1 support, hands-on project work and a flexible schedule. Students graduate with job-ready data science and machine learning learning skills with 92.5% of job-qualified individuals reporting a job offer within 12 months of graduation.

What to expect from our Data Science Bootcamp

500+ hour curriculum, 14 coursework projects and 3 capstones over 6 months part-time
The choice of three specialization paths: Generalist; Business Intelligence; Advanced Machine Learning
1-on-1 support from your mentor, career coach and student advisor as well as access to on-demand mentors and teaching assistants
Job-qualified individuals who graduated from our Data Science Bootcamp, averaged a $23,788 salary increase

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