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Learn the data wrangling, modeling, and AI skills you need to solve big business problems. Specialize in an area of your choosing, graduate with a certification, and start your data science career in just six months.

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  • Learn online, flexibly, and fast

    Learn on your own schedule in just six months. Graduate with certification and optional specialization in business insights or advanced machine learning.

  • Gain real-world data science skills

    Build data analysis, wrangling, and modeling skills and put them to the test with a curriculum designed by data science experts.

  • Get guidance from an industry mentor

    Meet regularly one-on-one with your data science expert via video calls to receive personalized guidance and support.

  • Prep for your job with career coaching

    Career units are integrated throughout your learning. You'll train with our experienced career coaches, with career support available up to six months after you graduate.

  • Backed by our Job Guarantee

    Have the confidence to invest in yourself. Land a data science job or get a full refund. Learn more.

Springboard Data Science Bootcamp reviews

Quality portfolio projects

Very grateful to be accepted, to have quality portfolio projects and guidance through challenging work. Excellent mentor feedback, clear projects, helpful structure and balance between academic knowledge, and solid exposure via DataCamp to Python, SQL. Found a job in finance via rearrangement of resume on LinkedIn.

-George L.

Incredibly valuable

The curriculum was comprehensive and up-to-date, covering all the necessary topics in-depth. One aspect that stood out to me was the mentorship program. Having a dedicated mentor who was an industry expert was incredibly valuable. They provided personalized feedback, insights. I would highly recommend their courses to anyone looking to upskill or transition into a new career field.


Phenomenal experience

The carefully curated content really accelerated my progress in the field of data science. Not only did I learn new concepts, but I also improved my coding skills significantly. One-on-one support kept me motivated. Overall, if you're seeking to improve your coding skills and leverage your expertise for a lucrative career, I highly recommend considering Springboard.

-Patrico T.

Prepares you well for career

Springboard Data Science Career Track is well designed for people from other fields who would like to enter the data science field. Course mentor and career coach were experienced and knowledgeable. The best part of the program was the career service. It was not only about data science, but it prepared for your future career.

-Minh D.

Why data science?

Data scientists use scientific methods, processes, algorithms, and systems to extract insights, helping organizations make data-driven decisions, forecast future trends, and optimize operational efficiency. The demand for data scientists continues to surge as businesses and governments seek to harness the vast amounts of data generated today. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), employment in data science and related fields is expected to grow by 31% from 2020 to 2030, making it one of the fastest-growing professions in the economy.

National data science job market outlook 2024. Source: Lightcast Apr. 2024

Career opportunities in data science

Data Scientist

Data scientists analyze large sets of structured and unstructured data to identify patterns and trends. They use statistical methods, machine learning algorithms, and predictive modeling to develop actionable insights and advanced data-driven solutions.

Lightcast, April 2024

Data Engineer

Data engineers design and construct scalable data pipelines and systems that prepare and provide data for analytical or operational uses. They focus on the architecture, database management, and performance tuning to facilitate efficient data processing.

Big Data Architect

Big data architects develop and oversee an organization’s big data infrastructure, frameworks, and tools. They design the blueprint to handle the ingestion, processing, and analysis of large datasets that are too complex for traditional database systems.

Machine Learning Engineer

Machine learning engineers create algorithms and statistical models that enable machines to perform specific tasks without explicit instructions. They focus on developing systems that can learn and adapt through experience, improving their function over time.

What you’ll learn

We partnered with industry insiders—including DataCamp—so you can learn the skills employers look for. Our curriculum features a combination of videos, articles, and hands-on projects to help you succeed as a data scientist. Over six months, you’ll not only master core data science skills, but you’ll also learn AI tools to uncover data patterns and extract insights.


Data Science Method

In this opening unit, you’ll receive an overview of the Data Science Method and learn the skills needed to thrive in the field. You’ll hear about your day-to-day work duties, including data cleaning and building models from those in the field. 

  • Learn about key data science skills

  • Understand the six steps to the Data Science Method (DSM)


Specialization track options

Hone your skills in a specific area of data science by choosing one of our three specialization tracks. You'll have a chance to discuss what's best for you with your mentor and career coach before deciding.


Gain a wide range of additional skills that will help you land a job in a variety of industries and locations.

Business Insider

Learn how to draw business-focused insights from data and make actionable recommendations that impact corporate strategy and results.

Advanced Machine Learning

Continue learning advanced machine learning skills including how to deploy a model to production.

Student capstone project examples

Creating a computer translation of ASL fingerspelling

Developing a recommendation algorithm for rock climbers

Revolutionizing selfies with AI-based image classifier

How can an algorithm help assess hurricane damage?

Apply to the next data science bootcamp

This data science bootcamp is a six-month program for students devoting 20-25 hours per week, or you can dedicate more time to land your new job faster.

Tuition and payment plans

Everyone should have the opportunity for growth. That’s why we offer a range of accessible payment options—all with our Job Guarantee—to help you invest in your education.

Job Guarantee included

Choose any tuition plan and get the peace of mind of our Springboard Job Guarantee. If you don't land a job, we'll give you a refund. Terms apply

Springboard Job Gurantee

  • 6 months of active coding experience with a general-purpose programming language (e.g., Python, R, Java, C++)

  • Comfort with basic probability and descriptive statistics, including concepts like mean and median, standard deviation, distributions, and histograms

No coding and statistics experience? Start with our Foundations to Core program

Become a data scientist from scratch at no extra cost. Our Foundations to Core program is a beginner-friendly course that will help you build your knowledge of data science concepts and master Python programming before you take on the core Data Science Career Track curriculum.


Here's how our admissions process works for our Data Science Bootcamp.


Submit the 5-minute application form—just hit the Apply Now button on this page. It’s fast and free, plus we’ll process your application immediately.

Admissions call

After you apply, an admissions team member will call you to discuss your background and goals, plus they will help answer your questions.

Skills survey

We’ll send a skills survey to to test your programming language familiarity and statistics knowledge.


Select a payment plan and start date via the link emailed by the admissions team. Then get ready to transform your career.

Data Science Bootcamp student testimonials

Rane Najera-Wynne

"I had to put in the work, but they made the path so much easier such that if you do A, B, and C, then you'll be set up for success. It probably would have taken five years to learn data science on my own, but Springboard made it very easy for me to achieve my goals."

Lou Zhang

"One of the things that Springboard does well is give you the full technical picture. They helped me get projects under my belt, build a solid foundation, and create a portfolio that I could show off to employers."

Abby Morgan Video Thumbnail
Abby Morgan

"I definitely think the mentors are one of the most helpful parts of the course. I do know that I would not have made it as far without my mentor, because he shaped how I started to understand some of these concepts."

Pizon Shetu

"Springboard teaches you the entire data science process from end to end while letting you apply your knowledge through different projects. I found a job in data science because of my capstone projects."

Mikiko Bazeley

"Hands down, the most valuable part of the Springboard experience was the mentorship and portfolio projects. I learned so much about data science and I felt supported whenever I ran into technical questions or projects that my team at work couldn’t help me on."

  • Personalized guidance to move you forward

    Regular video calls with an experienced data science mentor, where you can ask the questions that matter to you.

  • Accountability at every step

    Your mentor will help you stay on track and as you tackle your curriculum, project, and career goals.

  • Industry insight on demand

    Get additional 1-on-1 help from experienced data science mentors within our community, at no extra cost.

Land the job you want with 1:1 career coaching

Mock interviews, resume prep, and more—all to help you land your dream job. You can even access our career support services after completing the program.

Your career coach will help you:

  • Craft a data science resume and LinkedIn profile

  • Build a data science network

  • Create a successful job search strategy

  • Prepare with mock behavioral and technical interviews and negotiate your salary

Real students, real stories

Whether you’re working full-time, managing family duties, or both, our flexible online learning platform for data science helps you fit learning into your schedule.

In this video, see how Springboard students juggle coursework, mentorship, projects, and life’s other demands—and discover more about Springboard's unique support.

Springboard Students Talk About Balance and Flexibility

Outcomes from our data science bootcamp


Average salary increase of data science students who provided pre- and post-course salaries.

December 2023


Of job-qualified individuals who reported an offer, received it within 12 months of graduation.

December 2023


Enrolled students in the data science bootcamp since 2016.

December 2023

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  • Career coaching up to 6 months after completion

  • Springboard Job Guarantee—land a job or your money back (terms apply)