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UX Design Bootcamp

Become a UX designer. Land a job or your money back.

  • 100% online, project-based curriculum

  • 1:1 mentorship + career coaching + four-week externship

  • Graduate in 6 months, part-time

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Valena del Valle

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Average starting UX designer salary

Glassdoor, LinkedIn, Indeed, Payscale, Salary.com, BuiltIn, Comparably (2022)

In this UX bootcamp you will:

  • Conduct user research and identify design problems

  • Sketch solutions, wireframe, build high-fidelity mockups, and create prototypes

  • Perform usability tests, iterate on prototypes and master the User-Centered Design process

Plus, you’ll learn the tools designers use, including:

Learn how to create better digital experiences in just six months.

Learn with a hands-on curriculum

Speak the language of design, build skills and test them with a curriculum designed by UX experts.

Get an edge with human support

Work with a mentor, career coach, and more. They have your back and will hold you accountable.

Land a job or your money back

We back our program with a job guarantee. Get a job within 6 months of graduation or get a full refund. See terms.

What you’ll learn in this UX design bootcamp

In this UX bootcamp, you’ll execute each phase of the design process and build your skills through key resources and hands-on project-based learning.

1: Introduction to UX Design

2: Design Thinking

3: Understanding the Problem

4: Understanding Your User

5: Synthesizing Your Research

6: Intro to Design Tools

7: Design and Ideate

8: Information Architecture

9: Sketching and Guerilla Usability Testing

10: Wireframing and Interaction Design

11: User Interface Design

12: Psychology Principles and Special Topics

13: Prototype and Test

14: Communication Skills

15: Portfolio Projects

16: Career Support

Topic 1: Introduction to UX Design

In this introductory unit, you’ll gain a foundation for UX best practices while exploring the various roles within the industry.

  • Learn the differences between UI and UX

  • Learn the skills needed to be successful as a UX designer

  • Discover the range of UX design roles and their responsibilities

Build a portfolio that proves your skills to hiring managers

The best way to learn UX design is to get hands-on experience. Complete nine mini projects, a design sprint and a capstone project. Build an interview-ready portfolio you can show to future employers.

While working on projects, you will:

  • Identify a user problem to solve

  • Conduct competitive research

  • Sketch, design and build a prototype

  • Perform usability testing and identify improvements

Past projects from Springboard students
Anthony Ra

Capstone project: A more conscious and health-focused productivity app

Sofie Vickers

Capstone project: Personalized and online tutoring for students

Get real-world experience with an external client project

Complete a four-week remote externship with a startup. It’s an exclusive experience that will set you apart from others. During this Industry Design Project you’ll get:

  • Exposure to the industry by working with a company

  • An opportunity to dive deeper into an aspect of the UX design process

  • Experience working in collaboration with design teams and directly with clients

  • Mastery from your mentor

    Build skills faster with an expert in your corner. Your mentor will keep you accountable and give you an insider's view.

  • Counsel from your career coach

    Get prepared for the job search. Your career coach will help you gain confidence and know-how to land the role.

  • Support from your student advisor

    Stay on track and achieve your goals. Your student advisor has your back and will keep you on track to graduation.

  • Collaboration from your community

    You’ve got a built-in community — students who, just like you, are betting big on themselves.

Mentor: Elsa Ho

UX Researcher

Mentor: Ali Rushdan Tariq

Principal and Associate Director

Mentor: Earl Friedberg

UX Manager

Watch Bre’s journey from academic adviser to UX designer

Bre Walker started her career as an academic advisor at a university. However, she’d always found ways to dabble in design. Bre decided to pursue her passion and is now a full-time UX designer at KeyBank.

Springboard UX design graduates have achieved life-changing growth. You can too.


Average salary increase of UX Design students who provided pre- and post-course salaries.

August 2021


Of job-qualified individuals who reported an offer, received it within 12 months of graduation.

August 2021


Enrolled students in the UX Design Career Track since 2018.

August 2021

Land a job or your money back

Invest in yourself with confidence with the Springboard Job Guarantee.

If you don’t land a job within six months of graduating, we’ll give you a full refund. Terms apply.


  • At least 1 year of documented professional experience or a degree in one of the following areas: understanding users, producing / managing visual content, or developing digital products.

    For example: user research, HCI, human factors; graphic / industrial design, architecture, studio arts; UI design.

  • Aptitude toward problem-solving, communication, and collaboration skills.

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This UX bootcamp is a six-month program for students devoting 15-20 hours per week.

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What are UX designers earning?

These are the average salaries of UX designers in the US.


Data as of November 2022; cross-referenced with Glassdoor, LinkedIn, Indeed, Payscale, Salary.com, BuiltIn, and Comparably.

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