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Our AI short courses will give you a strong understanding of today’s AI landscape and show how AI can help you work faster and smarter.

  • Self-paced: Dive into video lessons and written material designed to teach you core AI concepts on your schedule

  • Interactive: Get hands-on with projects that build your skills as you put AI to work to solve real problems

  • Customizable: Choose from our portfolio of AI short courses to learn the skills you want

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Develop skills in AI to modernize your workplace toolkit and improve your productivity


of leaders say their employees need new skills to prepare for an AI-powered future (Microsoft, 2023)


of businesses expect AI to increase productivity (Forbes Advisor, 2023)


forecast of net new jobs created by AI (World Economic Forum, 2020)

Foundational AI Courses

AI is here to stay. Learn to effectively and ethically communicate with AI from scratch through hands-on experience. At just $99 per course, mix and match courses to learn the skills you need.

Introduction to Generative AI

Understand how AI models generate new content and build a foundation for further exploration in the field.

  • Explain the fundamentals, strengths, and limitations of generative AI

  • Explore language models like GPT-4

  • Apply generative AI to a real-world example

Become a Prompting Powerhouse

To successfully use generative AI, you have to understand how to communicate with it. Learn different prompt types and when they're best applied. 

  • Leverage the power of context, clarity, and specificity in crafting effective prompts

  • Generate structured response.

  • Learn real-world applications of prompt engineering in various industries

Ethics of AI

Gain a comprehensive understanding of ethical considerations for businesses and individuals using generative AI. 

  • Identify and navigate ethical challenges in AI

  • Make decisions that align with ethical considerations

  • Advocate for ethical AI use in your organization and contribute to an ethical AI strategy

Industry-Specific AI Courses

AI is changing your industry. Learn how to integrate AI into your work and maximize AI to boost your productivity and creativity — just $99 per course.

AI for Design Professionals

Learn how to increase personalization and supercharge your user experiences with AI.

  • Utilize ChatGPT in user research

  • Utilize AI for persona-creating and updating

  • Create AI-powered journey mapping techniques and tools

AI for Data Professionals

Unlock the potential of AI to uncover patterns, extract insights, and make informed decisions in data analytics.

  • Learn how AI works with Excel, SQL, and Python to synthesize data

  • Use AI to develop and evaluate model performance

  • Explore how machine learning interacts with big data

AI for Cyber Professionals

Get up-to-speed on cutting-edge AI technologies for detecting and defending against sophisticated threats.

  • Get hands-on with AI tools that recognize security threats

  • Learn to structure prompts that develop security enhancing code

  • Automate the network testing process using AI

AI for Coders

Learn the methods and techniques to augment and streamline the coding process with AI.

  • Learn effective prompts for developing code using ChatGPT

  • Automate the testing and debugging process using AI

  • Introduction to neural networks and deep learning

AI for Marketers

Learn to use AI to better understand your consumer, create content at scale, and deliver increased engagement. This course was created in partnership with Jasper, the leading AI writing assistant.

  • Utilize ChatGPT in market and customer research

  • Use generative AI to develop website, social, and video content

Ready to unlock AI’s true potential?

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