The UX Design of Political Elections

The 2016 American elections have certainly been an interesting time for pundits and observers. With two vastly different major-party nominees, an underrated element that comes into play is the user experience design behind two of the largest marketing efforts in digital history. 

Join two of our Springboard mentors Emily Waggoner and Fabio Muniz as they discuss how the digital experiences the two campaigns offer help target certain personas, and bring millions of people together to action. Enter your email above and we'll forward you the invite. 

This tutorial will take place Tuesday, November 1st from 4 pm PST to 4:30 pm PST. 

Emily Waggoner

UI/UX Designer, MIT Technology Review

Emily is a multi-disciplinary designer with over six years of experience helping clients create web and mobile experiences that strike a balance between meeting the goals of both the business and the user. Emily is currently a UI/UX designer at MIT Technology Review, where she focuses on designing digital reading and publishing experiences, leading her team through every part of the design process including research, business and content strategy, information architecture, prototyping, visual design, and user testing. One of her favorite parts of working as an in-house designer is having the space to foster and build a UX culture and philosophy within her core team and the broader organization. Over the last three years, Emily has taught five sessions of a twelve-week User Experience Design course where students learn to design experiences through a user-centered approach. Emily loves helping students who come from a variety of industries and disciplines become UX designers, and firmly believes that every company and organization would benefit from having a UX-minded person on their team. She is also interested in activism especially in the digital space, and enjoys collaborating with like-minded folks and using her skills to help other people.

Fabio Muniz

Freelance Product Designer

Fabio Muniz is a Freelance Product Designer at Toptal, working mainly with venture-backed startups from NY and SF. He is self-taught and transitioned to design after working as a tech journalist. In his free time, he hosts design events in São Paulo and advises startups and investors.

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