About the course

We've learned why some people successfully learn new skills online, while others give up and fall short...

When Springboard first launched, it started out as a search engine for the best online courses on the Internet.

But shortly after launching, the founders made a discovery: despite our students' best intentions and strong desires to advance their careers, only 5% of them ever completed the online courses they started!

This was sad, but perhaps not too surprising: learning new skills online is an incredibly challenging path, full of potential pitfalls and frustrations. When you get stuck, confused, bored, or even lonely, it's all too easy to quit.

And the vast majority (95%!) do, even though they know they want to learn a new skill and advance (or change) their careers!

So we went back to the drawing board. And guess what?

We've found the secret to success in learning UX online. Since then, we've helped over 2,000 aspiring UX designers find their way to a more creative, rewarding, and impactful career they love.

And now, in this free, 4-part email course, we will share what we've learned with you...

This course will help you find the most effective path to a creative, rewarding, impactful career in UX. Get one chapter every day in your inbox, 5 minutes a day!

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Here's what you'll get in this UX design course

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  • Welcome to the path to a UX career!
  • Why do you want to learn UX?
  • The 3 pitfalls that sink UX beginners
  • The one thing that ensures you'll learn UX
  • Start thinking like a UX designer in 20 minutes
  • Conclusion