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A robust introduction to Social Entrepreneurship.

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Social Entrepreneurship is a collective global movement of changemakers that are working towards developing and scaling sustainable solutions to some of the world’s most toughest problems. All you need to join-in, is a healthy dose of intellectual curiosity, lots of passion to create change in this world and, and a nuanced understanding of the core principles and ideas.

This Learning Path provides a robust introduction to social entrepreneurship and provides beginners with a roadmap to launching their own social venture. It contains the most contemporary set of courses, videos and resources from across the internet, sharing lessons and experiences derived from the dramatic growth in the sector over the past decade.

Why learn this?

Social Entrepreneurship today is a global movement of  individuals and organizations that have come together to find solutions to some of the most defining problems of our time. No matter which sector you belong to - public, private, or non-profit - you are bound to cross paths with ideas of social entrepreneurship and innovative social change.

What will I learn?

The learning path is designed such that it puts you on a course to developing your own social venture. You will start as a beginner, getting introduced to basic concepts of social entrepreneurship. However, once you complete the learning path, you will come out with an intricate understanding of the key elements of starting a social venture and the core foundations of social entrepreneurship. Here are the main topics covered:

  • An introduction to social entrepreneurship
  • Understanding a social problem and designing a solution
  • Developing a social enterprise business plan
  • Financing social ventures
  • Failing fast and learning quick

Who is this for?

Pretty much anyone with an interest in social entrepreneurship. The learning path does not require any prior knowledge of specific subject areas. The course is ideally suited for those with some level of curiosity towards social entrepreneurship and looking for a place to start.

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About the author
Serial social entrepreneur
Santhosh, Serial social entrepreneur

Independent strategy consultant for social change organizations. Teaches the University of Oxford's online course on social entrepreneurship.

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