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Free UX Design Course

Design is one of the tech industry's most in demand positions. In this free design course, you'll learn everything you need to know about UX design, including top UX design techniques like user research, prototyping, and wireframing.

What you’ll learn in this free UX design course:
This course covers UX design terminology and best practices. With it, you'll learn how to create better user experiences by understanding how user needs translate to product features. To create more powerful designs, this course will cover:
Fundamental design research methods
User centered design techniques
How to interview users in real-world situations
How to create personas
Deliverables every UX designer needs to know
How UX design relates to other disciplines

About this UX design course:

Flexible schedule

Using the same interface as our career track students, you can take this course at your own pace.

Career bound curriculum

Curriculum designed to introduce you to the most relevant design topics, so you can start your career track with a head start. Not to mention...

Free lessons for life

We made this design course free so anyone can figure out if a design career is for them, without having to purchase a course first.
What is UX design?

In broadest terms, user experience (UX) design is the process of creating new, usable, and scalable products. A combination of tools, methods, and problem solving frameworks, UX designers work at the intersection of branding, design, usability, and functionality and stay focused on solving problems for their user, in every user state.

Take a moment to think about your favorite website or mobile app. What makes you love it? Is it intuitive to use? Did it feel familiar the first time you used it? Maybe it even has an uncanny way of knowing what you’ll want to do next? Odds are, a UX designer spent hours researching and designing that product so you could have a seamless experience.

This curated course is collection of diverse, best-in-show UX design courses, videos, and tutorials. It was created with beginners in mind.

Why learn UX design?

UX design is in demand not only because of the average high salaries and job perks, but because design roles focus on unique challenges that solve real-world problems. Not only that, but companies continue to focus on users and creating better experiences for them. UX design is a growing field with a robust community.

What will you learn in this free UX design course?

By the end of this free UX design course, you will know the language and process of UX design. This course covers:

  • various design research methods
  • user centered design techniques
  • interviewing users in real-world situations
  • creating personas to define your user
  • deliverables every UX designer should know (like design systems)

Each topic has multiple modules and best practices. While we do not cover tool specifics in this course, we do highlight different software options.

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Who is this UX design course for?

Working professionals who have heard of user experience design and want to get a sense of whether that work will interest them.
Someone who has read our blog or watched tutorials and wants to dive into more specific subject matter.
Students who are about to graduate their secondary or post secondary education, and want to understand the basics of a new skillset quickly.
Aspiring designers, project managers, or entrepreneurs who want to transition into a career, but aren't sure where to start..

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the prerequisites for this UX design course?

The course is available to anyone interested in learning foundational UX design skills. While welcoming to beginners, it may help to affiliate yourself with the subject first. Our blog post, UI Design vs. UX Design vs. Interaction Design vs. Visual Design, is a great place to start.

Can I get a job after taking this free UX design course?

While this course introduces many foundational UX design concepts, this course alone will get you job ready. Luckily, our UI/UX Career Track was created for anyone looking to transition into a design career. If you’ve validated your interest in pursuing a design career, see if mentorship through our Intro to Design course is right for you.

Is this UX design curriculum suitable for beginners?

Yes! Even though material is pulled from our UI/UX Design Career Track, this course was designed for the curious and driven beginner.

Is UX design easy to learn?

Many students discover that UX design is as much an art as it is a science, and it can be difficult to apply your learnings to new projects. While this course teaches UX design fundamentals, it’s important to get feedback from your ideal user (and other designers) along the way.

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