About this course

This course is broken into 5 emails, each of which should take about 10 minutes to read. The topics covered in the course material are outlined below.

1 - You’ll learn about the intersection of digital marketing and user experience—how they are related and are complementary skills.

2 - You’ll learn about the framework of the customer acquisition funnel, and how conversion optimization can increase the speed at which prospects move through your funnel.

3 - You’ll learn to properly structure an A/B test to test hypotheses on how you can better convert prospects to customers.

4 - You’ll learn specific UX tactics you can deploy to generate more leads using lead capture forms, gated vs. ungated content, and referral programs.

5 - You’ll learn how UX improvements to onboarding processes and checkout experiences with e-commerce websites can directly drive increased revenues.

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Here’s what you’ll get in this email course that will teach you about the intersection of digital marketing and user experience design.

The emails you’ll receive will cover:
  • How digital marketing and UX design are complementary skills
  • Introduction to conversion optimization
  • A/B testing
  • UX strategies to improve lead generation
  • UX strategies to improve onboarding and buying processes