About the Cybersecurity Course

After an exhaustive review of cybersecurity certifications, roles, and responsibilities, as well as working with mentors and practitioners in the field, we came up with this 6-day course on how to choose the best cybersecurity certifications for your career path.

1 – You’ll learn why certifications matter and are valued by employers

Find out all the benefits that come with earning cybersecurity certifications, as well as what questions to ask yourself when thinking of pursuing one.

2 - You’ll learn what cybersecurity certifications are currently available

There are dozens of security-related certifications currently available, and many people don’t know which ones are right for them. During this lesson, we list the most popular ones and group them by difficulty.

3 - You’ll learn how to choose the best beginner/intermediate-level certifications

After reading through this lesson, we will help you identify the best cybersecurity certifications based on your career path, whether you are new to the field or already have some experience.

4 - You’ll learn how to choose the best advanced/expert-level certifications

If you have several years of experience in cybersecurity and are looking to pursue a more advanced certification, in this lesson we’ll explain the certifications you should consider and why.

5 - You’ll learn how to prepare for those exams

Have you ever studied for a cybersecurity certification before? Do you know where to start? Not to worry, in this lesson we provide detailed examples and tips on how to prepare for the exams.

6 - You’ll learn how to continue to grow professionally

After you pass the exam and earn the certification, how do you continue to keep yourself marketable and attractive to employers? In this lesson, we give you some professional advice on how to grow and narrow your focus to a cybersecurity specialization.

Further reading

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We have written this course to help you choose the best cybersecurity certifications for your career. Each email is as concise as we could make it, and will take about 5 minutes to read.

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The emails you'll receive will help you:
  • Learn why certifications matter today
  • Identify the basic and intermediate certifications
  • Identify the advanced and expert certifications
  • Choose the best certifications for your career
  • Prepare yourself for those exams
  • Rinse and repeat as you grow professionally