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Springboard offers online, self-paced courses in cutting-edge digital skills. You'll be paired with a mentor who is an industry expert. That mentor will help you refine your skills and help you create a portfolio-worthy project. Here's all of the courses we offer. 

UX Design

UX Design isn't about making something pretty— it's about creating exceptional products that people want and need. The best way to do that is to deeply understand your users, and keep them in mind through every step of the design process.

In this self-paced online course, you’ll: 

  • Learn the basics of UX and user-centered design, including the research techniques professionals use to gain customer insight.
  • Work on real-life projects and create deliverables like user personas, wireframes, and a portfolio website.
  • Work with your own expert mentor with feedback on all your work and weekly Google Hangout sessions.


Foundations of Data Science

Becoming a Data Scientist is not easy. It takes more than just mastering skills like statistics, data wrangling, and visualization. You need to learn how to ask the right questions and weave a story around your findings.

In this self-paced online course, you'll:

  • Build a solid foundation in Data Science and cover a breadth of topics including R, statistics, data wrangling and visualization.
  • Work on real-world problems and build a portfolio of data-projects that you can showcase to employers.
  • Work 1-on-1 with an expert mentor to get feedback on your projects and seek career advice.


Data Science Intensive

Becoming a Senior Data Scientist is not easy. It takes more than just mastering basic skills like statistics, data wrangling, and visualization. You will need to develop one area of technical analytic expertise, while being conversant in many others.

In this self-paced online course, you'll:

  • Learn advanced data science topics like machine learning, inferential statistics, and data storytelling.
  • Work with a mentor on a project (of your choice), and build an online portfolio.
  • Get career support (resume review and interview prep) to get you in shape for the Data Science job market.


Data Analytics for Business 

Data informs every element of modern business. Top business analysts employ a structured approach to solve any business problem - state hypotheses, seek relevant data, run analyses and build models to test the hypotheses, and present a recommendation.


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In this 12-week online course, you'll:

  • Learn to think like a business analyst and apply a hypothesis-driven approach to any business analysis problem
  • Collect, format, and visualize data sets and learn the tools of the trade: Excel, SQL and Tableau
  • Work on 5 real-life business case studies in different domains from marketing to forecasting, with 1:1 mentorship from an expert

"Forget other online courses. With amazing mentors and a curriculum that doesn’t waste your time, Springboard is [the course] you've been looking for." - Niraj Sheth, Springboard Data Science Graduate

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