Jenn Hinkle

Web Designer, HireAHelper

From:   San Diego, USA
Course:   UX Design
Before Springboard:   Visual Designer, Freelance
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This experience gave me the toolkit I needed to pivot in my career and become the designer I want to be.

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It seemed like I was missing the bigger picture.

Most of my design career had been freelancing. My work took me all over the design spectrum and helped me learn many new skills that can't be taught in a classroom. Through all of these different projects and opportunities, I fell in love with digital design and the possibilities held within designing for digital experiences.

However, as I took on more and more website design and development clients, I felt as if something was missing from my work. That's when I discovered and started to better understand how user experience and design thinking can positively impact my work. I began spending hours in different corners of the internet reading and learning all I could about UX design practices. A lot of what I read mentioned it would be a good idea to find a mentor to help guide me in my UX journey. That's when I found Springboard.

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Springboard inspired trust.

I chose Springboard mainly because I found it through an article on InVision's blog. I love that company and took a mention on their blog as a huge validator. After extensive research, I decided that Springboard offered everything I was looking for. The curriculum seemed to cover all the basics I was trying to learn by personal research. It also appeared super flexible-- I’d get as much out of it as I put into it.

My experience confirmed all of the initial speculations that led to my enrollment. The project-based approach really enhanced my learning-- I’m a doer, and I won’t retain information unless I’m actually physically interacting with it. Thanks to the thoughtful curation of videos and articles, I felt prepared to tackle projects and try my hand at the different steps in the UX design process.

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Danny helped me present my work in a way that would appeal to recruiters and employers. He is exactly the mentor I needed to start my UX journey.

My mentor tailored the course to my needs.

I don't need a teacher to hold my hand, but my relationship with my mentor Danny allowed me to personalize the course. Danny was so incredible to work with. From day one, he understood where I was in my career and where I wanted to go. His feedback was super helpful, and he never hesitated to make connections for me. Danny is really great with crafting words, and he helped me present my work in a way that would appeal to recruiters and employers. He was such an amazing help and exactly the mentor I needed to start my UX journey.

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I use what I learned from Springboard in every aspect of my work.

I am currently working full-time at HireAHelper as their web/ UI designer. They originally started as a freelance client of mine for a small project. A few months after the project's completion, they offered me a position.

HireAHelper is an online marketplace for connecting people with movers. We recently launched our Moving Cost Calculator, which is basically the Kayak of moving. It was a big project and took a lot of my new knowledge to bring to life-- it’s already a big change from the types of projects I was working on before I took the course. What I learned from Springboard helped me transform from a designer making pretty websites into a designer crafting better experiences for my user base.

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