Santosh Kopanathi

Performance Analyst, UniversalMed

From:   Dallas, USA
Course:   Data Analytics
Before Springboard:   Business Analyst, Avnet
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Enrolling in Springboard was one of the best decisions of my career, and it was key in my transition to the analytics domain.

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I wanted to challenge myself.

After coming to the United States for an MBA and gaining a good quantitative background as an IT business analyst, I was content-- but I always knew that I wanted to do more. I grew increasingly excited about the growing opportunity to use data to solve business problems, so I decided to hone my data analysis skills for a career transition into the analytics space. What I wanted was a time-bound curriculum with a focus on solving real-time business problems, catered guidance, and career advice. Springboard provided just that! 

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The case studies pushed me to think like a business decision maker.

I really enjoyed the case study-based approach of the Data Analytics for Business workshop. After an initial deep dive, I was always able to share my iterations with my mentor and arrive at the best solution. It felt like I was a real contributor to businesses, and I even quoted the case studies during my job search-- my interviewers were consistently impressed with my work! The curriculum exposed me to an array of business problems and boosted my confidence in expressing my analytical abilities.

My mentor helped me pinpoint my areas of improvement.

Within our first few calls, my mentor Josh was able to identify the areas in which I needed to improve. He knew I was comfortable with analysis but recognized that I needed practice presenting my results and framing my insights. He also encouraged me to focus on the structure of problem-solving, which is an important skill to have for interviews.

I shared with Josh the positions that I was applying to, and he helped me compress my rather-long resume and prepare with mock interviews. He provided feedback as I refined my answers and patiently touched base with me, offering all the help he could. Josh played a huge role in securing my new job.

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In my new role, I work on the company’s most important problems.

I recently joined a medical devices startup as a performance improvement analyst. I use root cause analysis, Excel, and crisp communication on a daily basis, all skills that I honed at Springboard. Currently, I’m working on identifying inefficiencies in our order intake and fulfillment processes, and standardizing them. This is the backbone of the company, and I feel grateful to be heading up such an important project.

Springboard not only helped me with my career, but also let me grow as an individual.

Enrolling in Springboard was one of the best decisions of my career, and it was key in my transition to the analytics domain. The community was invested in my success and offered me all the help I needed. Whether it was a phone call with my student advisor, an email exchange with a fellow student, or a discussion in the weekly Office Hours, I felt supported by Springboard and inspired to be the best version of myself.

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