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Manfred Werner


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  • 150+ PHOTOSHOP LESSONS " Making Photoshop Fun & Easy "
  • LATEST COURSE UPDATE - 28th January 2015
  • 470+ 5 Star Reviews from really happy & satisfied students
  • No Prior Photoshop knowledge needed "Guaranteed"
  • Full lifetime access to the complete course
  • All future & additional lectures will always be free of charge
  • No illustrator, plugins or other software is needed "You only need Photoshop"



--------------------------- " Then this course is for you " -------------------------------

What This Course Entails:

I will teach you how to get into photoshop, so don't worry if you don't have prior experience with photoshop or other plugins. Follow my lead and I'll teach you to be good at it! "Seriously"

All my photoshop instructions form part of a comprehensive guide that can help you to accomplish your goals by applying these skills. During the lesson you get to eavesdrop as I work, giving you some insight as to how I work and what I do.

The idea is to make photoshop fun and easy! "Anyone can do this"

Whether you have previous experience with photoshop or not, it doesn't matter. Apply your knowledge for half an hour a day and you could be making huge improvements or even extra cash, just like me.

"And I'm not kidding when I say that you need nothing but photoshop!"

All future extra lectures and upgrades are always included for free. Unconditional Udemy 30 day money-back guarantee - that's my personal promise of your success!

You'll learn

  1. How to become a photoshop expert "Guaranteed"
  2. How to improve your photoshop skills dramatically
  3. Understand all photoshop basics and go beyond
  4. Learn more then 50+ different photoshop techniques
  5. How to get work done, quicker in photoshop
  6. How to go beyond the level of intermediate photoshop user
  7. How to use photoshop in order to retouch Cars
  8. How to use photoshop in order to retouch Portraits
  9. How to use photoshop in order to retouch Beauty & Fashion
  10. How to use photoshop in order to retouch your personal work
  11. How to create amazing color casts and color grades
  12. How to install, work and understand photoshop plugins
  13. Learn about photoshop secrets techniques " More about this in my Photoshop secrets course"

... and much, much more!

Intrigued yet? Then keep reading!

As with all my courses: the initial low price will increase shortly."You have unlimited lifetime access at no extra cost"

Not just that; all future additional lectures, bonuses, etc in this course are always free. There's an unconditional, no-questions-asked full 30-day money-back guarantee!

I'm known for always offering support in Udemy, so feel free to shout out if you're stuck or need assistance. "I'm here to help"

One final note: My goal is to teach you photoshop, so don't stress about not having worked in photoshop before. "I do my best to make it simple & fun"

I've crammed all my knowledge about photoshop into over 100 photoshop tutorials! After going through this course you'll be able to apply your new skills to photoshop anything and make some extra cash along the way.

All you have to do is click on the "take this course" button on the top right corner. You have nothing to lose. In fact, you've got a lot to gain.

Thank you, Manni

No prerequisites for this course.

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Reviews on Springboard

  1. Free$$??

    When loaded into udemy not free $99

Latest reviews on Udemy

  1. Simply Great

    A really great course with understandable material and a good instructor. Worth learning from!

    Arkadiy Deliev
  2. I am very pleased with this course it offers so much Content!

    This course gave me more then I ever imagined I would get. I learned how to use Photoshop from start to finish all the way! "Thanks You" Not only how to Retouch images, but also loads of techniques, great PS tips and design. I watched most of his free youtube videos, but this course offers way more then his youtube channel. I really like how Manni literally teaches step by step what to do and how to do it. I only wish I had found this course earlier. Definitely recommend it. Thank you for this life skill Manni!

    Ivan Synerd
  3. 2 Stars for Very Clever Marketing. 0 start for teaching Photoshop.

    This is just a bunch of youtube tutorials, which are offered free on the their website, behind the scenes footage of "things unrelated to Photoshop", and ads. Who wants to pay for a class and see a Blink ad at the same time? ​You do. The teacher racks up views for the ad. You are paying him so he could increase his ad views --chaching for him. Sorry, there are no working files, but you are more than welcome to go premium, (at the website where you have to give your email address) and get the working files with the tutorials. So, you have the honor of paying twice for the class. This is very clever marketing and nothing about teaching Photoshop.

    Belushus Yuitza
  4. Best Course Ever

    This course really helped me do more with photoshop, I had taken a basic course but this really shows all the fun and interesting effects you can do!

    Carolyn Wardle
  5. Simply amazing!

    Thank you!

    Danijela Tuba
  6. HSBC


  7. Can't download all tutorials for offline..

    La Sha
  8. Very helpful course !

    Sarbjit Grewal

    This is beautifully done

    Daniel Ilyas
  10. Excelentes tutoriales-tips

    Nos enseña varias tecnicas .. las cuales son muy precisas a la hora de trabajar.....

    Alvaro Tibán
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"1" The Biggest And Most Popular Photoshop Course On Udemy

by Manfred Werner