Data Driven Strategic Thinking Program

Boost your team’s data fluency, analytical skills, and influential storytelling capabilities with Springboard’s proven human-led, project-based approach.

  • Critical thinking skills: in a business context and the ability to break down any problem into its components

  • Data analysis skills: explore, visualize and interpret data in Excel and other tools

  • Turning data into insight: ability to develop insights from data, the “so what?”

  • Communication and storytelling: presenting insights in a way that’s compelling and actionable

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A proven, team-based approach for delivering a step-change in team performance

Through a combination of human-led instruction, collaborative learning programs, and individualized job-related projects, Springboard delivers a personalized experience – complete with instructors, coaches, and mentors – that is focused on skills mastery, not general subject matter familiarity.

Human-Led Instruction

Unlike passive video-based on-demand tools, Springboard students learn from industry experts, are supported by coaches who keep them on track, and meet 1:1 with mentors who ground lessons in real-world application.

Collaborative Learning

With Springboard, your entire team can take the course at once. This cohort-based approach not only minimizes “lumpiness” in capabilities and skills adoption, but it also boosts engagement and collaboration.

Hands-On Projects

Each student identifies a project in collaboration with their manager that is a current challenge to overcome, process to optimize, or initiative to launch. This both reinforces the skills and produces immediate results for the business.

  • Frame and structure problems

    Start with the basics. This teaches sStudents learn the fundamentals of attacking complex challenges, including: Scope management, question framing (e.g. SMART problems), hypothesis formation (e.g. Five Whys framework), and prioritization.

  • Organize and analyze data

    Best practices for identifying, collecting, and refining data, including: Data gathering methods, string functions, lookups, data visualizations, model building theory.

  • Synthesize insights

    Transform raw data into actionable information by creating “so what” insights, gut-checking analysis, and developing frameworks aimed at helping students complete their final project.

  • Storytelling

    Learn how to convey findings and recommendations in a persuasive way by mastering narrative techniques (e.g. deductive pyramids), learning best practices for email & oral communication, and developing compelling “cut to the chase” executive summaries.

  • Personalized guidance embeds skills

    Students build skills faster with an industry expert in their corner.

  • Accountability at every step

    Weekly sessions with mentors remove blockers and keep students on track.

  • Industry insight on-call

    Mentors are a window into the practical application of skills, providing guidance and an insider's perspective.

A transformative effect on HP’s employees

HP, an industry-leading technology company and long-standing Springboard client, relies on our Data-Driven Strategic Thinking program to consistently elevate the performance of their global marketing team. The following grid highlights how HP students self-reported proficiency both before and after taking the course:

Before Course

After Course

Problem Definition And Framing



Synthesis Of Insights



Email & Oral Communication



Data Analysis & Visualization






Corporate performance & ROI

9.2x ROI

Clients like HP have realized an estimated 9.2x return on investment just from the business-specific projects designed during the course.


Increase in MQL-to-Opportunity conversion rate - an immediate result of in-course project completed by an HP marketing team student.

According to HP Manager, Adrian Patrascu


Average per-project impact across all projects.

Elevate your entire team’s performance

As new technologies – such as Generative AI – hit the workplace, the key to unlocking the full potential of those tools and your team is arming your workforce with expert-level data and critical thinking skills. To learn more about how Springboard can help, download the course brochure or book a chat with one of our consultants today.

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