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Reyna Martinez

UI/UX Design Graduate

From Student Advisor

To Associate UX Designer @ ServiceMax

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  • Expansive tech curriculum makes it easy to build pro skills with articles, videos, hands-on practice, and portfolio projects

  • Our online learning platform gives you simple ways to set goals, track your progress, and get help when you need it

  • You’re matched with an industry mentor who guides your growth throughout the program via regular video calls

  • A career services team helps you build networking, interviewing, and job search skills even after graduation

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  • Your industry mentor

    This expert works in the field, giving you real-world advice to build your skills faster via scheduled regular video calls where you set the agenda.

  • Your career coach

    This career expert helps you plan, search, interview, and negotiate successfully — available to you for up to six months after you complete the program.

  • Your student advisor

    These advocates become your touchstone to achieving your goals, helping you learn healthy study habits, stay on track, and knock down obstacles.

  • Your online community

    Meet other students, ask questions, share advice, and get feedback on your projects, all via Slack, accessible 24/7.

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With Springboard's online learning platform, you don't have to quit your job to learn the skills for a new career. You don't have to go it alone. You learn on your terms, and you have dedicate pros that work with you before you enroll, during your coursework, and after you graduate.

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Learn on demand without human support

Online learning flexibly with 1:1 human support

Learn through live instruction at specific times

No/limited accountability

Personal mentor and career coaching video calls to keep you on track

Personal support and accountability through instruction and grading

Flexible - learn on your time

Flexibility - learn on your time

Scheduled classes

Part-time; keep your current job

Part-time; keep your current job while preparing for your new career

Full-time commitment




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Use AI and data to solve big problems

Transform data into strategies and algorithms that move business forward

  • Data Analytics Career Track

    Build a foundation for structured thinking, master visualization, and become a data story-teller

  • Data Science Career Track

    Get data to work harder and predict business outcomes — identify problems, wrangle data, analyze, model, and document

  • Machine Learning Engineering and AI Career Track

    Build algorithms that learn better in partnership with the University of California San Diego Extended Studies

  • Data Engineering Career Track

    Design and build pipelines that transform and transport data in partnership with the Washington University in St. Louis McKelvey School of Engineering

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NEW: Learn AI from humans in the know

You need AI. But AI also needs you. And you both need human-guided insights to maximize the power of your collaboration. Enroll in any of our career tracks and gain exclusive access to our AI interactive learning series. You’ll learn from experts who are using AI to increase productivity, win vs. the competition, and lead their teams—so you can too.

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Want a new career? Ok, let’s do it. In as little as 6 months, you’ll learn the tools, skills, and insights to get the job you want—all with an expert team of humans supporting your journey


Make an impact defending people, businesses, and governments

Software Engineering

Front-end, back-end, full-stack — write the code that will shape the future

UI / UX Design

Understand users deeply and create experiences they love

Data Analytics

Drive business decision-making through data

Data Science

Master big data to solve big business problems

Tech Sales

Build connections, solve problems, and sell to improve customer results

ML Engineering and AI Career Track

Build your skill with foundations in machine learning and deep learning

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Best Bootcamp


Best Bootcamp


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Springboard programs help you grow and evolve at your own pace. No need to quit your job or put your life on hold.

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Practice the skills you’ll use in the real world

Unlike other online courses, here you'll build a portfolio that will give you an edge with employers.

Work with a team of real people invested in your success

Learn from the best to be your best

You'll work 1-on-1 with a mentor, career coach, and student advisor. They'll help you define your path, knock down obstacles, and meet your goals.

Land a job or your money back

Invest in yourself with confidence

Get a job or you'll receive a full refund. Terms apply.

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Average salary increase of Career Track graduates who provided pre- and post-course salaries.

September 2022


Of job-qualified individuals who reported an offer, received it within 12 months of graduation.

September 2022


Enrolled students in Springboard Career Tracks since our launch in 2016.

September 2022

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