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WIOA Program

The Department of Labor and Department of Education created WIOA (Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act) to help remove barriers for those who have trouble finding a high-quality career.

Workforce Funding

Who funds the WIOA Grant? The Department of Labor and the Department of Education

How do I find out if I'm eligible? Funds are distributed through American Job Centers

How much is available per person? This depends on a few factors - including what state/region you live in and how much funding is allocated to your job center

Workforce Eligibilty

You're likely eligible for the WIOA Grant if you meet the following criteria, but eligibility is not guaranteed. You must confirm first by speaking with a career counselor in your area.

  • Currently unemployed

  • Were laid-off in the past six months OR

  • Are low-income

    your total family annual income does not exceed the higher of either the poverty line, or 70 percent of the Lower Living Standard Income Level for your area

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UI / UX Design

Understand users deeply and create experiences they love

Software Engineering

Front-end, back-end, full-stack — write the code that will shape the future

Data Analytics

Drive business decision-making through data


Make an impact defending people, businesses, and governments

Tech Sales

Build connections, solve problems, and sell to improve customer results

Data Science

Master big data to solve big business problems

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Average salary increase of Career Track graduates who provided pre- and post-course salaries.

September 2022


Of job-qualified individuals who reported an offer, received it within 12 months of graduation.

September 2022


Enrolled students in Springboard Career Tracks since our launch in 2016.

September 2022

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Funds are distributed through American Job Centers. The amount distributed depends on a few factors - including what state/region you live in, and how much funding is allocated to your job center. Apply to learn how much you are eligible for. It takes just 5 minutes to complete.