Expand your offerings. Reach more students.

Partnering with Springboard saves you years of investment in building and scaling your own tech career programs. Our turnkey model can help your university:

  • Reach non-traditional learners looking for high-quality upskilling and re-skilling programs

  • Offer industry-driven curriculum and unparalleled student support you can proudly stand behind

  • Access a global network of industry mentors and career coaches

  • Deliver life-changing results for students

  • Drive new revenue at zero cost to the institution

Turnkey partnership. Built to drive enrollments and success

Our customized offering is designed to meet your university's needs and leverage your institutional brand, networks, and channels to drive growth.

Human support helps students succeed

  • Ongoing 1:1 mentorship with industry experts

  • Dedicated career coach for every student

  • Student advisors and success teams

Institution-quality curriculum

  • Market-tested curriculum created & built by educational design experts

  • Projects, assessments, and capstones for portfolio building

  • Career & job search content

University-branded tech platform

  • University brand customization

  • Online platform fully designed for remote, self-paced learning and mentor/coach calls

  • Digital career tools (e.g. job app tracker)

Enrollment management

  • Microsite design and build

  • Cross-channel marketing strategy and execution

  • Lead funnel optimization

  • Dedicated enrollment advisors

University Partners

Our partners reach their goals with Springboard

We’ve tried to build online bootcamp programs on our own without any success and we love what Springboard has given us in a partnership.

Mark Koulianos

Assistant Vice President for USF and University Community Partnerships

Mark Koulianos

Offering new data programs with Springboard gives us much-needed career-focused options to share with our region and local employer partners.

Edythe Abdullah

Dean, UNF Division of Continuing Education

Edythe Abdullah

The Springboard curriculum is robust, focused on skill attainment and competency mastery which made it easy for our faculty to endorse and evaluate for articulation to the university's degree programs.

Chris Motz

Vice President, Academic Outreach at University of Maryland Global Campus

Chris Motz

One size fits one. The Springboard learning experience is unlike any other

Our learning experience combines the flexibility of online, curated curriculum with the human support students need to reach their goals. All focused on not just a certificate, but ensuring students gain pro skills and land the tech career they want.

Flexible, project-based curriculum to prove job-readiness

Our curriculum is 100% online and flexible to student schedules so they don’t have to put their lives on hold. Plus, our offerings are project-based with real-world application, built by the best instructional designers in collaboration with industry experts.

Experiential, hands-on learning

  • Curriculum is structured to teach critical thinking skills, industry standard tools, and how to apply them to solve real-world problems

  • Students work through practice units, capstones, labs, and more to demonstrate understanding of subject matter

  • Guided by an industry mentor to help improve their work and support their journey when stuck

  • Students create portfolios from projects and learn how to showcase their work with guidance from their career coach

Live, dedicated human support

  • Industry mentor, matched to student: weekly one-on-one calls

  • Career coach: providing job support, interview prep, mock technical interviews, salary negotiation tips, networking

  • Student advisor: proactive check-ins to ensure goals are met and student is practicing healthy habits

  • Community: support from Course TA’s, peers, alumni using Slack

Get your students’ goals in motion with today’s in-demand tech careers

We offer more than a dozen course offerings, including intro and prep courses. Once students graduate, over 90% of them land a job within a year.

Data Analytics

Introduction to Data Analytics

Data Analytics Career Track

Data Science

Data Science Career Track Prep

Data Science Career Track

Data Engineering Career Track

Machine Learning Engineering & AI Career Track

Software Engineering

Software Engineering Career Track Prep

Software Engineering Career Track


Cybersecurity Career Track

UI/UX Design

UI/UX Design Career Track

Our courses achieve life-changing results for students


Average salary increase of Career Track graduates who provided pre- and post-course salaries.

September 2022


Of job qualified individuals who reported an offer and received it within 12 months of graduation.

September 2022


Enrolled students in Springboard Career Tracks since 2016.

September 2022

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