The State of the Workforce Skills Gap 2024

Skills gaps aren’t just widening, they’re worsening. Get the report and learn how U.S. leaders are prioritizing technical and business critical skills needed to adapt to a future of work filled with AI and uncertainty.

The State of the Workforce Skills Gap 2024 Report – Springboard for Business

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  • 70% of leaders say there’s a skills gap

    Large companies are operating with an under-skilled workforce. More than a third of leaders are reporting limited innovation and growth as a result.

  • Skills gaps are getting worse

    Nearly 40% of leaders say that the skills gap at their company has worsened in the last year.

  • Data analysis skills sets are in demand

    And artificial intelligence/machine learning are seen as critical technical skills for teams.

  • Companies are severely lacking strategic thinking skills

    Strategic thinking and problem-solving/decision-making top the list as the business skills companies need most, according to leaders

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Data-Driven Strategic Thinking Program

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Fuel performance by sharpening your team's data fluency, critical thinking, and influential storytelling skills in just 8 weeks. Employees complete job-related projects to make an instant impact on business goals.

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Clients like HP have realized a conservatively estimated 11x return on investment just from the job-specific projects completed during the Data-Driven Strategic Thinking course.


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What our partners are saying

Through the projects, I was made aware of several key insights with significant revenue implications that could change the direction of critical initiatives for our team. These wouldn’t have come to light without the clear, data-driven problem-solving approach in this program.

Val Gabriel

Global Head of Search Marketing

Springboard’s program had such an impact. Data and analytics are the lifeblood of our company, so training cross-functional diverse team members was a big priority. The mentors were super invested and the team was supportive. Worthwhile for all participants.

Véronique Dorval

VP Client Engagement

The training paid insane dividends and helped us become thought leaders within our company and industry. Things we built during the course are part of our process now and we’re winning business because of it.

Kevin T

SVP, Marketing Analytics

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