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A winning combination of collaborative instruction, 1:1 mentoring, and hands-on projects level up the performance of any organization.

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Through our unique approach, you will:

  • Level up your entire workforce more efficiently and effectively than ever before.

  • Close skills gaps to mitigate weak points in your business and develop new competitive advantages.

  • Reduce attrition by offering career paths and skills ladders not possible through entrenched company structure.

Level up your team's data skills in 8-weeks

Whether you want to sharpen your team’s ability to synthesize data, enhance their critical thinking capabilities, or want to lay the foundation for more effective use of dashboard, analytics, or generative AI tools, Springboard’s Data-Driven Strategic Thinking course delivers!

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Partner with Springboard and see immediate business impact

9.2x ROI

Clients like HP have realized an estimated 9.2x return on investment just from the business-specific projects designed during the course.


Increase in MQL-to-Opportunity conversion rate - an immediate result of in-course project completed by an HP marketing team student.

According to HP Manager, Adrian Patrascu


Average per-project impact across all projects.

  • Teaching mastery of critical skills

    We’re purpose-built to ensure mastery of the most critical AI, data, design, cyber, and coding skills in business today. Our instructors, coaches, and mentors are the human touchstones for employees to learn both actively and confidently.

  • Focusing on real business impact

    We deliver personalized learning experiences focused on business outcomes, not "check the box" compliance.

  • Empowering nimbleness

    We create operational agility and resilience at the most foundational level because employees are skilled to adapt to what comes next in tech.

  • Empowering transformation

    We're a catalyst for positive (and profitable) change in the workplace for both people and businesses.

Humans teaching humans is how it gets done

Our approach has helped category-leading companies become more agile by turning workers into highly-skilled pros.

Human-led instruction

If you or your employees have ever tried video-based learning, you already know it's a very passive experience. Minds wander. Multitasking happens. And ultimately, people only learn as much as necessary to pass the quiz and get a certificate... and then it’s quickly forgotten.

That's why all our courses are created, delivered, and supported by subject matter experts. And the human interaction isn't limited to just instructors. With Springboard, you'll have access to dedicated student advisors, industry mentors in one-on-one sessions, and a thriving peer community.

1:1 Mentorship

90% of workers who have a career mentor say they are happy in their jobs, and 83% say their mentor positively influences their desire to stay at a company, according to a survey by CNBC Work.

Springboard has a unique system of mentor matching with students using our global network of more than 1,000 mentors. These industry experts guide students through tough spots in the curriculum and in some cases become lifelong touchstones in their career.

Hands-on projects

The term "learn by doing" has survived throughout the ages for one simple reason: it works.

A key part of any Springboard engagement is the student's successful completion of a portfolio project—work that not only ensures mastery of the skill at hand, but tackles a challenge they're experiencing in the day-to-day world of their work today. Completed with the support of their mentor, this roots the skill in real-world application and delivers immediate and tangible value.

Collaborative learning

At a time when employees are feeling more isolated and disengaged than ever, Springboard's collaborative learning approach creates more than just skills mastery... we create connections.

Students can still complete work at their own pace—aided and supported by their coaches and mentors—but they're doing so within the framework of a community of peers. This unique approach also fast-tracks your ability to level-up entire teams at once.

Translate skills into meaningful action for every role

Our programs cover topics in marketing, data science, Artificial Intelligence, cybersecurity, UI/UX design, software engineering, tech sales, and more. We’re constantly scanning the market to identify new skills and new courses to add to our offering, and we’ll even work with you to develop a personalized program that meets your organizational needs.

Courses for All Roles

Data Driven Strategic Thinking  (DDST)

Strategy and Insights for Data-driven Executives (STRIDE)

Marketing Courses

Digital Marketing Professional Certificate

Social Media Marketing Certificate

Search Marketing Professional Certificate

Product Development & Design Courses

Introduction to Design

UI/UX Design Career Program

Software Engineering Career Program

AI Courses

Prompt Engineering

Intro to Generative AI

Ethical & Appropriate use of AI

AI for Professionals (6 function-specific courses)

IT & Cybersecurity Courses

Cybersecurity Career Program

Machine Learning for Engineers

Data & Digital Transformation Courses

Introduction to Data Analytics

Data Analytics Career Program

Data Science Career Program

Data Engineering Career Program

What our partners are saying

Through the projects, I was made aware of several key insights with significant revenue implications that could change the direction of critical initiatives for our team. These wouldn’t have come to light without the clear, data-driven problem-solving approach in this program.

Val Gabriel

Global Head of Search Marketing

Springboard’s program had such an impact. Data and analytics are the lifeblood of our company, so training cross-functional diverse team members was a big priority. The mentors were super invested and the team was supportive. Worthwhile for all participants.

Véronique Dorval

VP Client Engagement

The training paid insane dividends and helped us become thought leaders within our company and industry. Things we built during the course are part of our process now and we’re winning business because of it.

Kevin T

SVP, Marketing Analytics

Highly rated by the ones that count

Since launching our first course in 2016, we've been consistently recognized as an industry leader.

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