Machine Learning Bootcamps in Chicago, IL

Over the past few years, Chicago has continued to rank as one of the best innovation hubs in the world and has become a hotspot for startups, accelerators, and incubators. As the largest Midwestern city, many see it as the main hub dividing the East and West Coast tech giants.
The Chicago metropolitan area has the fourth-highest market share of Fortune 500 companies, with more than 35 headquartered throughout the city, including CDW, Caterpillar, State Farm, and Walgreens. Aerospace giant Boeing even moved its headquarters from Seattle to Chicago. In addition to these Fortune 500 companies, the city houses many high-profile tech offices, including Salesforce, Google, CareerBuilder, Orbitz, Groupon, Redbox, Yelp, Microsoft, Uber, and Motorola, among others. Many of these tech companies use machine learning to capitalize on the consumer data they collect.
Illinois boasts some of the best computer engineering college programs in the country. Among them are Northwestern University, the University of Chicago, the Illinois Institute of Technology, and the University of Illinois at Chicago. In fact, UIC’s computer science department receives over $10 million in annual research funding. Several of these universities have established programs and incentives to help their students and alumni start their own companies in the region.
The city itself is heavily invested in innovation as well. In 2018, Illinois launched the Illinois Department of Innovation and Technology with the goal of not only updating the state’s tech infrastructure but helping communities improve their tech footholds, too. The city’s Fortune 500 companies are following suit, strengthening the startup scene with the launch of venture firms, incubators, and innovation centers.
Chicago AI Days is an annual conference held in Chicago and is the Midwest’s largest AI conference series. Additionally, dozens of meetups and other organizations offer support for entrepreneurs looking to break into the tech space.

What you can expect to make as a Machine Learning Engineer in Chicago, Il

Data Scientist
Data Engineer
Machine Learning Engineer

Local schools that provide similar courses in Chicago, Il

Location to be released soon, Chicago
Learn machine learning at BrainStation Chicago's 10-week bootcamp. Collect, analyze, and communicate large data sets using Python and industry tools to drive decision making. The location is going to be released soon.
Rating 4.5/5
Data Science Dojo
Summit Chicago 205 N Michigan Ave 10th Floor, Chicago, IL 60601
Data Science Dojo is a paradigm shift in data science learning. They offer short-duration, in-person, hands-on training that will get you started with practical data science in just one week, and they have offerings in Chicago.
Rating 4.87/5
3rd Floor, 1033 W Van Buren St, Chicago, IL 60607
Metis accelerates data science learning for individuals, companies, and institutions through corporate training and accredited, immersive bootcamps, including an offering that is in Chicago.
Rating 4.8/5
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Springboard has helped me tremendously in my career! I absolutely loved every second of it!
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The material was very linear, coherent and easy to follow.
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The assigned mentor part was a huge reason I chose springboard over other boot-camp type courses.