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Springboard is an online learning platform that prepares students for the tech industry’s most in-demand careers. We act as a support system, coach, and cheerleader for working professionals who are ready to level-up or make a major career shift. Our one-size-fits-one approach combines a cutting-edge curriculum with expert mentors, career coaches, and student advisors, who provide a personalized learning experience. Since our founding in 2013, the Springboard community has grown into tens of thousands of students and alumni, expert mentors, career coaches, and employer partners. Our team continues to grow with offices in Bengaluru and San Francisco, as we build a network to bridge the world’s skills gap.

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What we believe
Our values are the foundation of our culture, and handy guideposts to the behaviors we want to encourage and reward on the team. We defined these as a team back in 2016, and they’ve helped guide our decision-making ever since.
Our mission comes first
We’re building a world where everyone can access high-quality education. As champions of our mission, we put our students’ success first. Users > Company > Team > Self.
We are always learning
We value curiosity, risk-taking, and continuous learning, both within and beyond the workplace. We strive to become better versions of ourselves.
We are open, honest, and constructive.
We are open to questioning our beliefs. We encourage debate and dissent, regardless of rank or tenure. We assume positive intent. We offer timely and constructive feedback so we can all succeed.
Meet a few of our teams

Inside Sales, San Francisco

Current team size: 17

What we do: We understand each prospective student's journey, goals, and career aspirations so that we can help guide them towards an informed decision about the next step in their career.

Last team activity: We do a daily watercooler chat where a random, fun question is shared everyday to help remote employees get to know each other better.

Leadership team
Gautam Tambay
Co-founder & CEO
Parul Gupta
Andrew Moers
President, Consumer Business
Nichole Pitzen
VP People & Places
Kara Sasse
Chief Product Officer
Sudakshmina Mandal
Head of Engineering
Seth Greenberg
VP Program Operations
Ryan Fong
Chief Financial Officer
Chris Duchesne
General Manager, Springboard for Business

Our investors

We are a Series B startup backed by some of the most innovative investors in the education and technology sectors.
Allen Blue
Co-Founder, LinkedIn
John Katzman
Founder, Princeton Review & 2U
Jyoti Bansal
Founder, Appdynamics
Neeraj Arora
ex Whatsapp

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