Your site’s navigation can be highly effective or highly ineffective, depending on your approach and what your site visitors are looking for. When it comes to those surfing your website on a smartphone, about 67 percent will get frustrated and leave your site if the navigation doesn’t work the way they’d like it to or […]

Even as consumer devices and applications continue to improve their security, cyber-attacks against small and medium businesses (SMBs) remain at an all-time high.  In fact, since the FBI began collecting statistics in 2013, SMBs have lost more than $3 billion to email phishing scams and ransomware alone. A cybersecurity attack against your business can be […]

When it comes to improving the user experience on your website and in your marketing efforts, data visualization is one of the best elements you can add. Visualizations are so effective, 74 percent of social media marketers add visuals to their social media posts. The best part? There are many places and ways to use […]

We sat down with Intermediate Data Science with Python graduate Adarsh Srinivas to learn more about his experience in the course and where he’s gone since graduating in 2016. I chose Springboard because it was a unique opportunity to work with a data science professional. The best part about working with my mentor, Hobson, was […]

This post originally appeared on our Medium, and was written by Springboard mentor Sarah Berchild. Are you… A student just starting in the UX design field? Working at an organization where leadership doesn’t understand what UX is? At a job that has never adopted UX practices? Let’s face it. Many companies (yes, even big companies) […]

Companies today understand the power of data to improve their processes, to micro-target their advertising, and to identify and exploit market efficiencies. But data science can be directed to purposes besides profit. “Data for good” offers powerful opportunities to social justice warriors. Here are three reasons why those aspiring to create social change should embrace […]

Deciding to change careers isn’t always easy—in fact, it can be downright scary. For Data Science Career Track alumni Karen Masterson, though, her passion outpaced her fear. Since a young age, Karen’s loved learning about language. As she got older, she started making the connection between programming languages and ancient languages, and began to see […]

From a breach at Equifax affecting 145 million to Uber’s recent security scare impacting 57 million drivers and riders, it seems like every day brings with it news of another massive security breach impacting our personal data. It’s clear cybersecurity is a challenge; no company is immune to risk; and the need for professionals in […]