Back in the “old days,” there was clear separation between web designers and developers. Now, however, many companies—particularly startups—use a leaner operating model that calls for people with more cross-disciplinary skills, or who are simply willing to wear multiple hats temporarily. (Just think about the startup CEO who answers customer support emails.) In the past […]

Whether we realize it or not, we’re bombarded with an onslaught of visual information every day. From print advertisements and television commercials to stop signs and green lights, the world around us relays a constant stream of data—often accompanied by some kind of visual representation to help us absorb it quickly. So how do companies […]

Not all cybersecurity professionals have — or need — coding skills. But without some knowledge of at least one language, you may find your path forward somewhat limited. Want to position yourself for long-term success in the field? Determine the best programming language for cybersecurity — your particular corner of the quickly expanding cybersecurity world — and get familiar with the basics. Think […]

Springboard Rise, our first data and design summit, brought together more than 250 students, alumni, and mentors for a full day of learning, networking, and fun at LinkedIn’s stunning San Francisco headquarters. The day began with a celebration of the Springboard community by co-founders Parul Gupta and Gautam Tambay, who shared the company’s story and […]

As you begin your education in user experience, there’s likely a plethora of questions you have about finding your first UX design job. The typical questions include: What are hiring managers looking for? What should my portfolio look like? Do I need to know how to code? Should I start with an internship? Is it better […]

Suzy DeLine grew up dancing and singing. She was convinced she was headed toward a career on Broadway, and even earned a drama degree from Northwestern University. But during her time as an undergrad, Suzy realized that directing and producing—calling the shots—was even more fun than performing. So she set her sights on business school. […]

Cybersecurity is a challenge that every enterprise needs to address. With the increased frequency of highly sophisticated attacks, businesses have had to turn to security experts who can leverage best practices and better secure the company’s digital assets. This scenario has led to an explosion in demand for security analysts. These professionals mitigate risk by […]

In recent years, careers in artificial intelligence (AI) have grown exponentially to meet the demands of digitally transformed industries. While there are plenty of jobs in artificial intelligence, there’s a significant shortage of top tech talent with the necessary skills. According to the job site Indeed, the demand for AI skills has more than doubled […]