Anyone new to the world of remote work is probably still adjusting to the reality of effective virtual communication while under COVID-19 lockdown. For job seekers, this means confronting the very daunting prospect of video interviews. While the art of the interview is a blade that consistently needs sharpening, online interviewing—whether it’s via Zoom, Microsoft […]

In recent weeks, the video conferencing tool Zoom has become a lifeline for millions of people around the world. If you are a student or remote worker, there’s a good chance you’re using Zoom every day to attend online classes, participate in virtual meetings, or communicate with friends and family. But the platform’s quick growth […]

What is the software development life cycle? The software development life cycle is a process for designing, developing and testing high-quality software. To land your first software engineering job, you’ll need to be able to describe the seven stages of SDLC. Hiring managers tell us that a crucial skill most new grads lack is production. […]

The agile methodology is a process for designing, delivering and testing high-quality software at the lowest cost and in the shortest possible time. The heart of the process centers around iterative development — namely, enabling teams to deliver faster with a greater ability to respond to change. While agile methods are also used in project […]

Full-stack, back-end, front-end — as a web developer, you can specialize in so many different areas. Which one should you choose? Do you need to know a bit of everything? Generally speaking, the more versatile you are as a developer, the more desirable you are to hiring managers. While Springboard’s Software Engineering Career Track prepares […]

In today’s era of omnichannel digital experiences, software engineers and UX design teams work together more closely than ever to design user experiences that are consistent and seamless across web and mobile.  Here’s how that collaboration works: when building a website or mobile application, the UX design team conducts UX research and user testing on various interfaces […]

It’s an eternal conundrum for new grads: how do I get a job with no experience if I need experience to get a job? Self-taught software engineers and those emerging from coding boot camps often lack crucial internship experience to land their first software engineering job. That said, you can still prove to recruiters that […]

What does it take to land your first job as a software developer? Recruiters are looking for someone who knows how to build code, test and deploy it, with an understanding of the software development life cycle. The strongest software developer candidates — especially for startup jobs — are full-stack engineers (front-end UI and backend infrastructure/cloud […]