Dominic Sylvester studied graphic design in college, but when he graduated he felt unprepared to actually begin a design career. “They taught me how to use the pen tool in Illustrator, they taught me how to use Photoshop brushes, but they never taught me how to apply my work into the career world,” he said. […]

Over the past decade, rapid advancements have made it possible for AI systems to do things we once only dreamed about. However, much of the hype around AI and machine learning tends to focus on its potential for business, productivity, and profits. Perhaps there should be more spotlight on how we can use AI for […]

Growing up, I wanted to be a politician. Solving problems and enacting solutions that could have a real societal benefit was very appealing to me. Everything seemed to be on track: I studied political science in college and scored a prestigious fellowship at my state’s legislature working for a senator after graduation. Like most millennials […]

Just the other day, I received truly dated, awful advice about resume design from a review service. With renewed fervor, I’m committed to helping people who want to create an outstanding resume, not one that will wind up at the bottom of a recycle bin, virtual or physical. This article will make sure you skirt […]

Over the last decade, artificial intelligence (AI) has grown from a pipe dream into the driving force behind the fourth industrial revolution. If you browse through the world’s leading job boards, you’ll find that it’s at the heart of some of the most in-demand tech careers today. “Everyone’s trying to figure out ways to optimize […]

Diego Encarnacion was in his junior year at Vassar College when he “fell out of love” with his major, philosophy. As he searched for the right career-minded pivot, he zeroed in on the intersection of design and technology. That’s when he discovered UX. It was too late to easily change majors, and Vassar didn’t have […]

Depending on who you talk to, a mentor can be a friend, a teacher, a confidante, a subject-matter expert, or some combination of all of the above. My experience with mentorship has been incredibly positive and I’m sharing it in hopes that more veterans realize the value and impact that a mentor can have on […]

Data is the new oil. You may have heard that before, but despite the obvious impact of data science on the world today, it sometimes seems like there is relatively tempered buzz around the actual role of data scientists in business. The reality is, data is worth very little if you don’t have highly skilled […]