We interviewed Apziva’s Director of AI & Springboard mentor, Semih Yagcioglu. Here are our key takeaways — diving into how Semih broke into Machine Learning, his role managing a team of engineers & researchers, and his advice for students getting started in the field. How did you get interested in machine learning? I work as the […]

Springboard has graduated 15,000 students across our course offerings. In this series, we sit down with some of the students who inspire us and help share their story.  Kashif Ross used Springboard’s UX Design Bootcamp to transition from teaching to UX Design. Here’s his story. You transitioned from a career in Education and a background in Psychology […]

Introduction Here’s a common question we hear at Springboard on almost a daily basis:  Does UI and UX Design only apply to digital products and services? Our answer: absolutely not! While the most common focus of UX/UI is mostly nestled within the digital realm, its topics just as easily apply to physical, voice, gesture, light and […]

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our newest course. In it, we’re taking the proven model from our Data and Design programs to a new vertical: software engineering. Now you can benefit from Springboard’s job guarantee, 1:1 mentorship, and career coaching to launch your career in the rapidly growing field of software development.  We’ve […]

We recently sat down with Lightspeed’s Raviraj Jain to talk about trends in the AI and Automation sectors. Here are some highlights from the talk. In this fireside chat, he discusses: Lightspeed’s investments in the sectors Trends worth watching How to prepare for the careers of tomorrow Select Investments: Aurora Innovation – full-stack software driver […]

We interviewed Akshay Mahajan, a Data Scientist at Branch, to discuss his career, a typical workday at Branch, and his recommendations for learning Data Science. The full video Q&A is below, and here are some of the highlights. How did you get started in data science? I went to UC San Diego, studied neuroscience, and […]

Springboard’s Siya Raj Purohit recently sat down with Uri Merhav, a Staff Machine Learning Engineer at LinkedIn, to discuss his career, interesting ML projects he worked on at LinkedIn, and what he looks for when hiring ML Engineers. The full video Q&A is below, and here are some of the highlights. What’s an important attribute […]

User Interface Design (UID) and User Experience Design (UXD), as highly interrelated fields, are at the forefront of companies’ battlegrounds for top talent. In fact, on Glassdoor alone, there are approximately 8,500 UI and 27,000 UX job openings in the United States. UIDs play a crucial role in modern organizations by leveraging UX practices, and […]