Before the advent of broadband internet and the browser cookie, advertisements were annoying, sexist and filled with misleading scientific claims—but they weren’t invasive like they are today. “Personalized” ads, as the industry prefers to call them, perpetuate a system of surveillance capitalism, where big ad tech companies and data brokers aggregate personal information on every […]

With cybercrime up 600% due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s no surprise that cybersecurity jobs are projected to grow by 31% by 2029, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. As hackers diversify their tactics with social media disinformation campaigns, IoT-based attacks, and phone calls offering fake refunds, cybersecurity experts are tasked with staying […]

A Security Operations Center (SOC) analyst is a cybersecurity professional who works on a team to monitor and counteract threats to an organization’s IT infrastructure. SOC refers to the name of the team they work on. The main responsibility of an SOC analyst is to assess security systems and measures for weaknesses and report cyber […]

To understand inclusive design, let’s navigate through the past; In the wake of World War II, large numbers of veterans with mobility-related injuries found that the world around them was built in a way that made everyday activities hard or impossible to operate independently.  Roads and sidewalks, for example, were disconnected by curbs—the six inch […]

In part motivated by the 2020 pandemic—in part as a response to increased industry-agnostic digitization, today’s direct-to-consumer brands are reconsidering the way they approach driving sales. A recent McKinsey report showed that 75% of today’s buyers and sellers prefer to shop using digital options instead of face-to-face interactions. American e-commerce growth shows no signs of […]

Programs are written by people, and thus segments of code are vulnerable to errors. This is exactly where code reviews come in: to help catch those errors before the code becomes part of a public-facing program. A well-executed peer-based code review can help catch snags that range beyond style notes or pointing out an odd […]

With a strong employment outlook and proliferation of online training resources, starting a cybersecurity career has never been easier. Cybersecurity analysts are responsible for monitoring computer infrastructure and information systems to ensure they are protected from cyber threats. They do this using a multi-pronged approach designed to deter, detect and de-escalate a cyberattack: Installing and […]

Shortly after GPT-3 first launched in June 2020 out of an Elon Musk-backed AI lab, the internet was soon awash in quirky experiments generated by the autoregressive language model, which produces human-like text through deep learning. One was an essay published in The Guardian, written by the AI itself—a treatise on why humans needn’t fear […]