Meet Meg Clayton, senior UX designer at Keurig Dr. Pepper and a mentor for Springboard’s UI/UX and UX Design Career Tracks.  As a UX designer specializing in smart home consumer products, Meg Clayton occupies a unique niche in design. While UX design is normally associated with web or mobile interfaces, designers play a key role […]

Over 30% of the American workforce was freelance amid the pandemic. While some of this was driven by the job losses during the initial days, much of it came from experienced professionals resigning from full-time positions to go freelance. This trend that’s being called the great resignation is becoming increasingly common in the tech industry. […]

The general consensus on software engineering certifications is that they’re a nice addition to your resume. But just how much value can they bring to your software engineering career path? In a report released in 2020, Global Knowledge found that IT professionals who attributed their rise to gaining new skills or completing certifications earned raises […]

Full stack developers are among the most sought after professionals in software development. Fluent in both frontend and backend web development, they are skilled programmers who are also knowledgeable about user-facing design principles. Because of this valuable set of skills, the field is seeing higher than average job growth, with LinkedIn ranking it among the […]

While theoretical machine learning knowledge is important, hiring managers value production engineering skills above all when looking to fill a machine learning role. To become job-ready, aspiring machine learning engineers must build applied skills through project-based learning. Machine learning projects can help reinforce different technical concepts and can be used to showcase a dynamic skill […]

There is often confusion when it comes to the differences between business analysts and data analysts. Both are professionals within the field of data science, both delve into data in search of answers, and, at some organizations, the job titles are even used interchangeably. The key difference, then, is how the two types of analysts […]

As global spending on cybersecurity products continues to skyrocket, the rate of cyberattacks is expected to grow with it. Cybersecurity professionals are at the forefront of protecting organizations’ networks and systems and so it comes as no surprise that the information security market is steadily rising as well.  This guide outlines some of the popular […]

As the tech industry has continued to boom in recent years, creating exciting jobs that are often coupled with lucrative salaries, it’s no surprise that a growing number of people are making career changes to get in on the action. While some of those transitioning into the tech workforce already have a background in software […]