Machine Learning Bootcamps in New York City, NY

Did you know that New York City—not San Francisco—has the highest percentage of AI and machine learning jobs in a single U.S. metro area? In fact, the Big Apple has more than 11 percent of national job postings for AI and machine learning. While the city has always been known for its fashion, finance, and advertising industries, AI and machine learning are catching up.
New York is home to more Fortune 500 companies than any other U.S. city, with Verizon, JPMorgan, MetLife, and Goldman Sachs among them. Many of these companies are supported by machine learning teams that use data to innovate. Several tech giants based on the West Coast actually have AI and machine learning teams located in New York City, including Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Microsoft.
New York City also has a booming startup scene, second in terms of performance only to the San Francisco Bay Area, with more than 7,000 startups. The city’s data and machine learning communities have contributed to the success of several of these well-known startups, including AppNexus, Bitly, Tumblr, Kickstarter,, Vimeo, Etsy, Venmo, and Blue Apron.
The city welcomes earlier-stage startups, with coworking spaces such as WeWork, Knotel, AlleyNYC, Spark Labs, and NeueHouse springing up. Many offer unique incentives to tech founders and other startup entrepreneurs.
New York boasts a plethora of machine learning networking groups, talks, and more. Microsoft plans regular discussions, Columbia University has seminars on machine learning in finance, and the local chapter of the Machine Learning Meetup Group boasts over 13,000 members.

What you can expect to make as a Machine Learning Engineer in New York City, NY

Data Scientist
Data Engineer
Machine Learning Engineer

Local schools that provide similar courses in New York City, NY

Data Science Dojo
International Institute for Learning (IIL) 110 E 59th St, New York, NY 10022
Data Science Dojo is a paradigm shift in data science learning. They offer short-duration, in-person, hands-on training that will get you started with practical data science in just one week, and they have offerings in NYC.
Rating 4.87/5
General Assembly
10 East 21st Street New York, NY 10010
General Assembly is a pioneer in education and career transformation, specializing in today's most in-demand skills with a campus based out of New York City, and machine learning courses to take.
Rating 4.32/5
79 Madison Avenue, 3rd Floor, New York, NY 10016
Metis accelerates data science learning for individuals, companies, and institutions through corporate training and accredited, immersive bootcamps, with a campus based in dynamic New York City.
Rating 4.84/5
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Quite honestly, I feel like Springboard is THE best option for students interested in a Machine Learning bootcamp.
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The material was very linear, coherent and easy to follow.
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The entire staff was very helpful and supportive throughout the experience. I am confident that I will be able to get a job.