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Springboard vs. DataCamp: Finding the Best Course Provider for You

A look at the available courses, pricing, and student outcomes for both course providers - here’s how they stack up.

As two of the leading technical course providers in the industry, Springboard and DataCamp both offer a variety of courses designed to help students find a job in everything from data science to data analysis. Both schools allow students to work towards certification and new careers via online learning, though there are some big differences in the courses offered and how students are supported throughout their journey.

Springboard vs. DataCamp

1:1 Professional Mentorship
Career Services
Job Guarantee
Live Classes
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Why choose Springboard over DataCamp

Professional Mentorship

Regular access to experts to help you plan, create and structure portfolio projects via regular feedback that will make you stand out to future employers.

Capstone Project

A real-world project that reinforces course material and can be used to help you land a job.

Career Support

Dedicated career coaches focused on helping you improve your resume, prepare for interviews, and negotiate the right job for you.

An industry-leading program

Enrolling with Springboard guarantees you a quality learning experience.
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Meet a few of our Springboard alumni


Nelson Borges

Education: Marketing
Previous Job: Marketing Manager
Current Job: Insights Analyst at LinkedIn

Other bootcamps didn't really relay to me that they would provide mentorship and help me find a job, or that they really cared about me, but Springboard did.


Diego Encarnacion

Education: Philosophy
Previous Job: Student at Vassar College
Current Job: UX Designer, IBM

Springboard provided me with the tools and resources I needed to get into the field, even as someone who hadn’t heard of UX design before.


Erich Schulz

Education: Character Animation
Previous Job: Public School Teacher
Current Job: Product Designer, Disney

What really stood out to me about Springboard was the mentorship program and the fact that you could study at your own pace. I also loved the accountability that I would have from working with a career coach.

Frequently Asked Questions

What courses do Springboard and DataCamp offer?

Springboard offers bootcamps and short courses in UX design, data science, data analytics, software engineering, machine learning, tech sales and cybersecurity. All Springboard bootcamps are 100% online, self-paced, and take three, six, or nine months to complete.

DataCamp provides courses geared solely towards data-related professions such as data analyst, data engineer, machine learning engineer, quantitative analyst, Python programmer, and R programmer.

All of DataCamp’s courses are 100% online and, like most MOOCs, take a hands-off approach to instruction, with courses consisting of video lectures and coding exercises.

How much do courses cost at Springboard and DataCamp?

Springboard’s courses are around $10,000, with discounts and scholarships available if certain criteria are met. Springboard’s introductory courses, which give students a taste of a field at a fraction of the time commitment, start at $349.

DataCamp offers a tiered pricing structure—$25/month grants students access to all instructional videos and a community chat, while $33.25/month gives students access to instructional videos as well as assignments and priority customer support. There is also a free version that gives students access to the first lesson of each course.

What kind of career improvements can I expect from completing a course?

Springboard offers a first-of-its-kind job guarantee for all graduates, with all-encompassing courses that prepare students for the workforce. If a student does not secure a job related to their field of study within six months of graduation, Springboard will offer a full refund on tuition.

DataCamp doesn’t publish data on how many of its graduates go on to secure jobs as data scientists. However, the platform is popular among businesses who use it to help employees upskill and fill in data-related skills gaps.

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