Free UX Design Course

This free design course has 17 learning units and over 40 resources exploring the fundamentals of UX/UI design. You'll learn about UX processes, tools, and methodologies commonly used by designers and gain insights into the UX/UI industry and related careers. 

About this free UX design course

This course is suited for individuals interested in learning UX design for free, including design fundamentals and what it takes to be a UX/UI designer. Whether you have some design knowledge or are just starting your design journey, this course will give an overview of the skills, methods, and tools needed to pursue a role in this industry.

The course will cover fundamentals of UX/UI,  including:

  • Using Design Thinking to approach problem-solving

  • Wireframing & sketching ideas and document interaction

  • Visual design principles that bring your designs to life

  • The UX industry and navigating potential career paths

What you’ll learn

By the end of this free UX design course, you will know the language and process of UX design. This course covers research methods, design techniques, and an introduction to design systems.

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  • Welcome to the Course

    Get ready to embark on your UX design journey. You'll peek into the lives of real designers, apply new skills to an end-to-end design project, and learn how to use best-in-class design tools like Sketch and Figma. All of these activities are in service of the course goals, which include: 

    • Introducing you to the ins and outs of the design industry, including the processes designers follow and the tools they use

    • Helping you determine if design is the right career path for you

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Why learn UX design?

Imagine crafting intuitive, user-friendly interfaces that captivate users. The UX design market shows no signs of slowing down: many tech companies continue to search for candidates with impressive portfolios and practical design skills. The best part? The average starting salary for a UI/UX designer in the US is an enticing $99,000 yearly, with remarkable job growth projections of 16% by 2031.

Flexible schedule

Using the same interface as our career track students, you can take this course at your own pace.

Learn career-focused curriculum

Curriculum designed to introduce you to the most relevant design topics, so you can start your career track with a head start.

Free lessons for life

We made this design course free so anyone can figure out if a design career is for them, without having to purchase a course first.

  • Professionals who value user experience

    Working professionals who have heard of user experience design and want to get a sense of whether that work will interest them.

  • Someone who wants a deep dive

    Learners who have read our blog or watched tutorials and want to dive into more specific subject matter.

  • Students who want a quick upskill

    Students who are about to graduate their secondary or post secondary education, and want to understand the basics of a new skillset quickly.

  • Creative people curious about tech

    Aspiring designers, project managers, or entrepreneurs who want to transition into a career, but aren't sure where to start.

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Career opportunities in UX design


Average starting salary for entry-level UX designers across the U.S.

[Glassdoor] September 2023


Marketplace valuation of global UI and UX design market by 2027

[LinkedIn] July 2023


Growth in job opportunities in the UX/UI field by 2032

[Bureau of Labor Statistics] September 2023

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Meg Clayton

    Meg Clayton is a UX/UI designer specializing in smart-home experiences, connected consumer products, and mobile applications. Currently, she is with Keurig Dr Pepper, leading the IOT design strategy for connected coffee makers and mobile app. She previously was with Whirlpool Corporation, where she worked on brands such as KitchenAid, Maytag, Whirlpool, JennAir, Amana, and more. Meg has experience working cross-functionally with engineers and software developers, marketing teams, and global product teams to deliver experiences to market.