Springboard vs. SV Academy: A Comparison for Students

Take a look at the differences—including curriculum, pricing, and career support—between Springboard’s Tech Sales Bootcamp and SV Academy’s sales courses.

Both Springboard and SV Academy offer 100% remote sales courses with live online classes, video lectures, and virtual projects. However, there are substantial differences between the two providers in terms of style, curriculum, and pricing.

The Springboard Tech Sales Bootcamp is usually completed part-time over the course of 12 weeks and teaches students about the end-to-end sales journey. This includes conducting customer research and pinpointing the most promising leads, as well as studying conversational sales techniques and how to handle objections. Students then practice these skills live with their peers and instructors in order to develop their competence and confidence. Career support is delivered 1:1 with a professional career coach that students can turn until they start their new job.

At SV Academy, courses last for four weeks on a full-time basis, or eight weeks on a part-time basis. Professional tutors instruct students on SaaS sales strategies, as well as prepare them for the realities of the role. Career guidance is given through workshops and courses that students can work through to help them prepare for job searching.

Springboard vs. SV Academy

SV Academy
SV Academy$10,000
Job Guarantee
SV AcademyYes
Live Classes
SV AcademyYes
Flexible Schedule
SV AcademyNo
Career Services
SV AcademyYes
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Why choose Springboard over SV Academy

Flexible Schedule

With our flexible and remote curriculum, you can attend one live class per week, and complete the rest of your coursework when it suits you.

Industry-leading Curriculum

Our sales training program is trusted by sales teams at some of the top tech companies, including Asana, Uber Eats, and Adobe.

Affordable, Transparent Tuition

Springboard's Deferred Tuition plan lets you pay only after you get a job. And, if you don’t land a job within six months of graduating, then you get your money back!

An industry-leading program

Enrolling with Springboard guarantees you a quality learning experience.
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Meet a few of our Springboard alumni


Andrew McGrath

Education: Politcal Science
Previous Job: Sales Manager

The program seems very hands-on, and I like having an open line of communication with my advisors and instructors.


Monica Chieffo

Education: Musicology
Previous Job: Lecturer @ UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music
Current Job: SDR @ Zappar

I went into my new job with confidence because I had spent so much time in the Tech Sales Career Track learning the skills that I would need in this role.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do Springboard and SV Academy prepare you for your job search?

Springboard offers students career support both during courses and after graduation. All course instructors are industry experts with ample experience in tech sales, they provide students with insight into the realities of the job and the industry as well as provide guidance on the course material.

Career coaches are also available for 1:1 calls to help students plan out their career goals, refine their resume, and practice their interview skills. This career coaching is available for six months after graduation.

SV Academy provides their students with six months of job search support, with training sessions in brand development and interview skills. Personal guidance sessions are also available to help students navigate the job application and interview process, right up to signing the contract. When graduates land their first job, they’ll also receive one year of on-the-job coaching to help tackle the settling-in phase and continue developing their skills.

How much do sales courses cost at Springboard and SV Academy?

The full cost of the Springboard Tech Sales Bootcamp is $8,000. There are multiple ways to finance your course, starting with the discounted upfront option that costs $5,000. Students that prefer to pay over time can choose a monthly option of $2000 per month for three months, or a deferred tuition plan with payments that only start after graduates are hired. Springboard also collaborates with Climb Credit to offer students affordable loans to finance their education.

SV Academy sales courses cost around $10,000 and offer flexible financing that lets students pay their tuition when they can afford it.

Both schools offer a tuition refund for students who meet the conditions but don’t land a job within a set amount of time.

Can Springboard and SV Academy’s curriculum really prepare me for a career in sales?

Springboard’s 150+ hour curriculum prepares students for a career in tech sales by teaching the foundational knowledge and strategies all sales representatives rely on to close a deal. From pipeline development and customer research to professional sales techniques, students learn how to navigate every situation and maximize the value of each lead.

By studying the specific strategies used to research, classify, and pursue potential leads and practicing these skills through live online classes and projects, students can reach a job-ready level by the end of the course.

SV Academy also helps students develop technical and professional skills with a curriculum designed with the help of top SaaS companies such as Salesforce, Salesloft, and Talend. By working with both aspiring sales representatives who want to level up their skills and companies that are looking to hire, SV Academy can create beneficial matches that help graduates get hired quickly.

With virtual projects, roleplay exercises, and on-demand mentorship, students can build a wealth of practical knowledge and experience in tech sales strategies that will prepare them for an entry-level role.

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