Springboard vs. Vendition: A Guide for Students

Take a look at the differences, including curriculum, pricing, and career support, between Springboard’s Tech Sales Bootcamp and SV Academy’s sales courses.

Springboard and Vendition both offer training and support for those who want to launch a career in tech sales. While both offer online bootcamps with career services, their approaches are significantly different.

Vendition makes money by providing companies with quality applicants. To keep its pool of candidates growing, Vendition offers completely free training and job placement support to anyone who wishes to enter the industry. They work with applicants one-on-one to appraise their strengths and soft skills in order to match them with companies they’ll work well with.

Springboard offers bootcamp courses in a range of tech specialties, with professional mentorship and expansive career services included in the curriculum. Their Tech Sales Career Track course is 12 weeks long and helps beginners become hirable by graduation. The course is backed by a job guarantee, so if you don't land a job within six months, you’ll get a refund on your tuition.

Springboard vs. Vendition

Industry-leading curriculum
Job Guarantee
Live Classes
Flexible Schedule
Career Services
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Why Choose Springboard Over Vendition?

Industry Mentorship

When starting a new career, you’re sure to have a lot of questions about the industry and life on the job. At Springboard, you’ll be matched with someone who actually works in your field, so that you can get inside info and advice.

Industry-leading Curriculum

Springboard’s Tech Sales Career Track is 12 weeks long, with over 150 hours of content. Real-world projects help prepare you for the realities of the field.

Live Classes

Learn with a cohort from an expert instructor in real-time, even if you choose to go part-time. You can also get support and advice on coursework during weekly office hours.

An industry-leading program

Enrolling with Springboard guarantees you a quality learning experience.
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Meet a few of our Springboard alumni


Andrew McGrath

Education: Politcal Science
Previous Job: Sales Manager

The program seems very hands-on, and I like having an open line of communication with my advisors and instructors.


Monica Chieffo

Education: Musicology
Previous Job: Lecturer @ UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music
Current Job: SDR @ Zappar

I went into my new job with confidence because I had spent so much time in the Tech Sales Career Track learning the skills that I would need in this role.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do Springboard and Vendition prepare you for your job search?

While Springboard provides training that includes career services, Vendition’s approach is to offer career services that include training. Their main goal is to match you with one of their 600+ partner companies and find you your first entry-level role. Vendition’s training includes career advice, and they’ll help you polish your resume, optimize your LinkedIn, and prepare for interviews. Upon completion, you’ll have access to Vendition’s hiring and alumni networks to help you find your first entry-level role.

In addition to its industry-leading curriculum, Springboard students benefit from a range of career support—both during and after the program. Each student is paired with a professional mentor that can answer their questions about the role, the industry, and how to thrive in a professional environment. With Springboard’s career services, students can find 1:1 support for resume writing, interview prep and practice, and cover letter writing.

How much do sales courses cost at Springboard and Vendition?

Vendition’s training and career services are completely free for anyone interested. Rather than receiving money from you for their training, Vendition’s approach is to charge the company that hires you for their recruitment services. This doesn’t equate to a job guarantee, but it does mean that it’s in the company’s interest to do everything it can to find you a role.

The full price of the Springboard Tech Sales Career Track is $7,000. Financing options include an upfront payment, monthly installments, a Climb Credit loan, and deferred tuition. Instead of offering expensive Income Share Agreements (ISAs), Springboard’s deferred tuition plan lets you pay back your tuition in monthly installments after you’ve landed a job.

Can Springboard and Vendition’s curriculum really prepare me for a career in sales?

Vendition’s online training camp is a five-day, part-time curriculum that anyone can enroll in. You can start and stop the training as you please. You’ll receive instruction in a range of sales principles, and training in how to use Salesforce’s software. Daily assignments and assessments help you stay on track during the course, and there are even extra resources for those who want to go the extra mile. Vendition’s goal is to add you to their pool of talented sales candidates so they can build effective sales teams for more companies.

At Springboard, your entire course and tuition are backed by a job guarantee, meaning that if you don't find a job within six months of graduating, your tuition will be reimbursed. That’s how much confidence Springboard has in its curriculum. Over 93.2% of Springboard’s students land jobs in the field they trained in, so you know you’re in good hands. At Springboard, you’ll only learn tested sales strategies, and practice them with instructors and other students. All of this will prepare you for your first day on the job.

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