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Best Careers for ISTJ Personalities
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Best Careers for ISTJ Personalities

3 minute read | July 8, 2020
Sakshi Gupta

Written by:
Sakshi Gupta

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ISTJ is one of 16 different personality types from the Myers-Briggs Type Indicators (MBTI). The ISTJ personality represents about 2% of the general population (3% of men; 1% of women). Famous ISTJs include billionaire businessman Warren Buffet, former U.S. president George Washington, and none other than Batman himself (Bruce Wayne).

On this page, we’ll help you get a better understanding of ISTJ strengths, weaknesses, and the best ISTJ career choices.

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What Does ISTJ Stand For?

ISTJ stands for Introvert, Sensing, Thinking, and Judging.

Also known as the Inspector or the Traditionalist, ISTJs are responsible organizers who are driven to create and enforce order within systems and institutions. Eager to uphold tradition and follow rules, they are good at executing detailed, logical tasks. They have a keen sense of right and wrong and are noted for their devotion to duty. The top ISTJ career matches include business analyst, supply chain manager, military officer, and bank teller.

ISTJs are more comfortable doing things rather than talking to strangers, even during social functions, so you might find them topping up everyone’s drink at a party or organizing the food. ISTJs prefer concrete facts over abstract concepts and tend not to enjoy long-winded philosophical conversations.

ISTJ Personality Strengths & Weaknesses

Honest and directStubborn
Good at enforcing orderInsensitive
Prefers to execute on ideas rather than talk about themUnflinchingly rule-abiding

What Careers Are Best for ISTJ Personalities?

The best jobs for ISTJs offer stability, security, and predictability. ISTJs prefer to work independently in organized, quiet environments with clear expectations. The ideal ISTJ career path involves working in small teams with a clear hierarchy, and doing work that deals mostly with facts and numbers rather than abstract matters.

  • Data analyst. Data analysts gather, organize, and process data to make recommendations for business processes. ISTJs enjoy working with concrete facts and numbers, and being organized and detail-oriented, they’re good at designing technical and data-driven solutions for businesses. Business analysts know exactly where they stand and have a clear objective to work towards—the definition of a good career for ISTJs.
  • Dentist. Dentists typically work independently and perform methodical tasks such as patient exams, analyzing X-rays, and diagnosing dental issues. ISTJs enjoy work that is fairly predictable and logical. In addition, dentists typically work in a quiet, ordered environment. ISTJs are skilled at staying focused on complex dental tasks such as filling cavities, extracting teeth, and applying sealants.
  • Certified Public Accountant. CPAs enjoy a stable and predictable career, essential elements of a “good” job for ISTJs. They work with numbers and must ensure their work adheres to strict compliance regulations. Being very by-the-book, ISTJs are good at methodically working through financial records and ensuring they are correct.

How Does Springboard Help ISTJs Achieve Their Career Goals?

Tech professionals solve big, unwieldy problems every day, working with big data and emerging technologies to make our world a better place. But even innovation needs a logical, systematic approach, that’s where you come in.

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  • A career in data analytics enables you to help organizations get better at what they do. Data analysts gather data insights to help businesses find inefficiencies and opportunities for improvement. They solve complex business problems using data-driven solutions and concise communication. Springboard’s Data Analytics Career Track allows you to learn both technical and business thinking skills while receiving career support.
  • You think with your head, not your heart. Before jumping into something new, ISTJs like to assess the risks and rewards. Every Springboard career track gets you job-ready in nine months and comes with a job guarantee. If you don’t land a job in your chosen field, you get a full tuition refund. We work with hiring managers and industry experts to curate our curriculum, so you’ll learn from the best online resources.

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