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Dive into the world of data analysis excellence with our comprehensive guide. Uncover a wealth of resources on a single page, including free data analysis courses, mentor-guided programs, insights into potential salaries, expert career advice, and inspiring success stories.

  • Learn job-ready data analytics skills, including problem-solving frameworks, statistics for data analysis, and data visualization

  • Open up lucrative career opportunities in technology, finance, education, healthcare, and more

  • Gain hands-on experience with end-to-end data analysis, presentations, and projects to build your portfolio

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What is data analytics?

Data analytics involves collecting, cleaning, and interpreting data to make informed decisions, solve problems, and optimize processes. Data analysts use statistical techniques, programming, and domain expertise to extract valuable information from data sources. Data analytics is pivotal in various fields, from business and healthcare to finance and marketing, helping organizations make data-driven decisions that lead to greater efficiency and competitiveness.

Why learn data analytics


Expected growth of the data analysis job market by 2032, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics


Average salary for an entry-level data analyst


Projected growth of the data analytics market from 2023-2030

Courses with a job guarantee

Courses designed to help you learn data analytics for an immediate jumpstart into the workforce. Learn with a 1:1 mentor and land a job after graduating — or your money back.

Springboard Data Analytics Bootcamp

Gain hands-on experience with Tableau, PowerBI, SQL, Python, and Excel while mastering essential real-world, data-driven decision-making skills.

  • Extract actionable insights from real-world datasets using data visualization tools and AI to assist with uncovering patterns

  • Learn from a curriculum developed in partnership with Microsoft, and gain the strategic thinking mindset you’ll need on the job

  • Complete 29 mini-projects and two capstone projects to build an interview-ready portfolio

Springboard Data Science Bootcamp

Master the end-to-end data science process while gaining proficiency in Python, SQL, R, Pandas, and other essential tools needed to land a lucrative job in data science.

  • Develop job-ready skills by completing 28 mini-projects, 3 capstones, and an advanced specialization project tailored to your career objectives. 

  • Explore 18 in-depth topics, including problem identification, data wrangling, statistical analysis, machine learning, and data storytelling. 

  • Learn AI tools to uncover patterns and extract insights.

Courses from an accredited university

Elevate your data analytics journey with these university-backed bootcamps. Graduate with job-ready skills and a university credential.

University of South Florida Online Data Analytics Bootcamp

Learn the technical skills needed to become a data analyst, including business statistics, analytics and visualization tools, and advanced analysis techniques.

  • Master industry-standard tools, including Excel, SQL, Python, Microsoft Power BI, and Tableau

  • Complete 20+ hands-on mini-projects and a capstone project to build an impressive portfolio

  • Access a curriculum built in cooperation with experts from top consulting firms, including McKinsey, Wharton, and Bain

University of Maryland Global Campus Online Data Analytics Bootcamp

Develop analytical and technical skills needed to land an in-demand data analytics job, including SQL, Power BI, Tableau, and more.  

  • Learn problem-solving frameworks to develop data-oriented solutions to any business problem, making yourself indispensable in any industry 

  • Access 1:1 mentorship and career-focused units to help you land your dream data analytics job

  • Demonstrate your new end-to-end data analytics skills in a portfolio-ready capstone project using real-world datasets

University of Massachusetts Global Online Data Analytics Bootcamp

Start a new data analytics career with an industry-focused curriculum that will teach you the technical and analytical skills needed to solve business problems in any industry.

  • Master popular analytics and visualization tools, including Excel, SQL, Python, and Tableau.

  • Determine data-oriented solutions to real-world problems using the HDEIP Framework and the Five-Step Problem Solving Approach

  • Complete optional career units throughout the curriculum and access 1:1 career coaching to get you job-ready

Free & short courses

Just getting started in data analytics? These short (or free!) courses will help get you familiar with data analytics basics and set a solid foundation for future learning.

Free Data Analytics Course

Learn the fundamentals of the data analytics and data science process—including data visualization, machine learning, and statistics—and decide if a career in data analytics is right for you. 

  • Get acquainted with visualization tools and techniques to convert structured data into powerful visuals, including Excel, Tableau, Power BI, and more

  • Complete 25 learnings, including readings, videos, and a special case study, all designed by an industry expert

  • Apply your learnings in a case study using a synthetic dataset for fraud detection in financial transactions

Resources to help get you up to speed

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What's it like to study and work in data analytics?

“The Springboard course was very well-structured for a non-technical person like me, starting with the simplest concepts and gradually moving to the harder ones. It helped build my confidence, and as I went through the course, my imposter syndrome went down.”

Gilles Ngomeni

From: Sales manager

To: Sales analyst at Medline Industries

Data analytics career paths & job advice

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