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Embark on a cybersecurity journey with our comprehensive guide. Explore a wealth of resources on one page, including free cybersecurity courses, mentor-led programs, potential salaries, expert career guidance, and inspiring success stories.

  • Learn job-ready skills in offensive and defensive cybersecurity and graduate with a CompTIA Security+ certification

  • Open up lucrative career opportunities in technology, finance, government, healthcare, and more

  • Gain hands-on experience analyzing cyber incidents with 50 labs, a capstone project, and interactive AI learning throughout

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What is cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity safeguards our digital realm—protecting systems, data, and networks from threats and cyberattacks. Cybersecurity professionals use their expertise in security protocols, risk assessment, and problem-solving to fortify digital assets. Cybersecurity is the backbone of the technology industry's defense, allowing businesses, organizations, and governments to operate securely in a digital world filled with potential threats.

Why learn cybersecurity?


Number of cybersecurity professionals in the US in 2023, according to Statista


Average salary for an entry-level cybersecurity analyst


Expected growth of the cybersecurity job market by 2032, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics

Courses with a job guarantee

Courses designed to help you learn cybersecurity for an immediate jumpstart into the workforce. Learn with a 1:1 mentor and land a job after graduating — or your money back.

Cybersecurity Bootcamp

Learn core cybersecurity skills, including incident analysis, system risk assessment, vulnerability assessments in on-premise and cloud environments, and defensive/offensive strategies.

  • Master end-to-end security processes, from threat detection and incident response to specialized areas like cryptography and predictive analytics

  • Develop real-world skills with 50 labs, a capstone project, and interactive AI learning

  • Access supporting resources to excel in the CompTIA Security+ exam, a globally recognized certification for entry-level analyst roles.

Courses from an accredited university

Elevate your data science journey with these university-backed bootcamps. Graduate with job-ready skills and a university credential.

University of Southern Florida CTPE Online Cyber Security Bootcamp

Gain practical skills in network security, identity and access management, and security operations to pass the CompTIA Security+ exam and enter the field with confidence.

  • Develop real-world skills with 55 labs and 30 mini-projects to help you master core security concepts

  • Work on a mentor-guided 5-phase penetration test of a fictional company, applying learned skills in real-world scenarios

  • Prepare for the globally recognized CompTIA Security+ exam through mock quizzes and exams

University of Maryland Global Campus Cybersecurity Bootcamp

Acquire entry-level skills to land a cybersecurity job, including security fundamentals, identity and access management, and security assessments.

  • Gain employer-recognized skills with practical projects to help you master technical, risk management, data privacy, and threat intelligence skills. 

  • Take advantage of mock exams, quizzes, and other resources to prepare for the CompTIA Security+ certification exam

  • Prepare for job interviews with 6 career preparation units, including effective interviewing and salary negotiation

University of Massachusetts Global Online Cyber Security Bootcamp

Graduate job-ready with entry-level skills needed to become a cybersecurity analyst, including security, compliance, and identity fundamentals.

  • Study real-life data breaches and complete 55 technical labs and 30 mini-projects

  • Prepare for the CompTIA Security+ certification exam, with the option to take the Microsoft Security, Compliance, and Identity Fundamentals exam (Exam SC-900) 

  • Access 1:1 mentorship and career coaching throughout the course, plus a dedicated student advisor and weekly office hours

Free & short courses

Just getting started in cybersecurity? These short (or free!) courses will help get you familiar with cybersecurity basics and set a solid foundation for future learning.

Free Cybersecurity Course

Gain foundational knowledge of cybersecurity theories and concepts via interactive case studies, readings, videos, and more

  • Learn cybersecurity fundamentals before pursuing a more in-depth course or bootcamp

  • Learn about common cybersecurity threats and cyberattacks, security technologies, and penetration testing

  • Explore popular data tools including SQL, Python, UNIX, R, and GitHub

Free Software Security Analyst Training

Explore the fundamentals of building secure software applications. Learn how security analysts contribute to the design, construction, and maintenance of secure software programs.

  • Understand core security concepts, development methodologies, attack vectors, and mitigation techniques

  • Access a 9+ hour curriculum consisting of 38 resources, including videos, quizzes, and courses compiled from across the internet

  • Examine common types of cyberattacks, cyber event mitigation, and prevention tactics

Resources to help get you up to speed

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What's it like to study and work in cybersecurity?

I have several friends who have been through the program and just loved it. Having people back it up really made that a clear choice for me. Seeing other people succeed made me want to join the program because they were also going through a career transition.

Vianey Luna

From: Spanish teacher

To: IT Security Specialist at Cooper Machinery Services

Cybersecurity career paths & job advice

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