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Dive into the world of coding excellence with this comprehensive guide. Access countless resources from a single page, from free courses and mentor-guided bootcamps to salary information, expert career advice, and real-world success stories.

  • Learn job-ready full-stack programming skills and use generative AI to enhance your code

  • Open up lucrative career opportunities in technology, healthcare, finance, and beyond

  • Gain hands-on experience at every stage of the development process, from design to coding, testing, and production

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What is coding?

Coding is the foundation of the digital world, driving the creation of websites and software applications that power our modern lives. Coders use programming languages, algorithms, and problem-solving skills to build and optimize software solutions. Coding is the backbone of the technology industry, making coders indispensable to various sectors, from tech companies to startups.

Why learn coding?


Expected growth of the software engineering job market by 2032, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics


Average salary for an entry-level coder


Number of software engineers in the U.S. within the last 2 years, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics

Courses with a job guarantee

Courses designed to help you learn coding for an immediate jumpstart into the workforce. Learn with a 1:1 mentor and land a job after graduating — or your money back.

Software Engineering Bootcamp for Foundations to Core

Gain expertise in web development, from HTML basics to advanced JavaScript, and build polished, professional web pages.

  • Master full-stack development with hands-on projects in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, Flask, SQL, and ReactJS.

  • Develop real-world skills with four main portfolio projects and optional specializations in AI and TypeScript.

  • Receive personalized guidance with one-on-one mentorship, career coaching, and student support.

Software Engineering Bootcamp

Start your journey to becoming a software engineer, mastering HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Python, and more through a comprehensive online program.

  • Master full-stack development with practical projects in web fundamentals, advanced programming, and back-end technologies.

  • Complete four major portfolio projects, including two capstones, with optional specializations in cutting-edge technologies.

  • Receive personalized mentorship, career coaching, and student support to guide you through every step.

Courses from an accredited university

Elevate your coding journey with these university-backed bootcamps. Graduate with job-ready skills and a university credential.

UMass Global’s Software Engineering Bootcamp

Develop apps, websites, and APIs. Master technical interviews to land a job.

  • Complete hands-on projects to experience the day-to-day work of a software engineer. Learn from Colt Steele, an acclaimed Udemy instructor.

  • Prepare for job interviews with 60 hours of technical interview prep, including whiteboard and coding challenges.

  • Complete a 40 to 60-hour capstone project showcasing end-to-end development skills, including ideation, database design, and documentation.

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Data Engineering Boot Camp with Washington University in St. Louis

Gain a data engineering mindset and master core skills, including Python, Spark, SQL, and AWS.

  • Create production-ready ETL, pull data from multiple sources, build cloud data warehouses, and more.

  • Complete 15 technical mini-projects and 2 capstone projects covering end-to-end development.

  • Learn big data engineering, streaming data and APIs, data visualization, and more.

Software Engineering Bootcamp with the University of Maryland Global Campus

Prepare for a career as a full-stack developer by learning JavaScript, Python, React, Node, and much more with a curriculum developed by acclaimed Udemy instructor Colt Steele.

  • Complete a capstone project based on your chosen technology stack and area of interest to demonstrate your skills to employers

  • Learn how to use generative AI to write code more efficiently

  • Prepare for a new career with nine optional career units that will teach you how to network, write cover letters, and interview

Free & short courses

Just getting started in coding? These short (or free!) courses will help get you familiar with coding basics and set a solid foundation for future learning.

Free Full Stack Web Developer Course

Become a full-stack web developer by building and deploying fully functional web apps using HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Python, Django, and SQL.

  • Master essential tools for troubleshooting, performance optimization, and collaboration.

  • Learn API integration, web app creation, and SQL database queries. 

  • Build impressive web applications from scratch.

Springboard Coding Career Track Prep Course

Learn front-end development fundamentals (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) to prepare for the Technical Skills Survey (TSS). Once you pass, you’ll have the option to enroll in the Software Engineering Bootcamp.

  • Learn software engineering concepts and mindset through hands-on exercises

  • Access six 30-minute 1:1 sessions with a personal mentor

  • Confidently tackle the Technical Skills Survey and determine whether a software engineering career is right for you

Free Front-End Developer Course

Gain a solid foundation in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This course prepares you to pursue further skills in front-end web design, HTML5 development, or even back-end servers. 

  • Structure web pages using HTML, add layout and styles with CSS, and use JavaScript to make your site interactive

  • Master web development fundamentals and create impressive user interfaces

  • Use Chrome Developer Tools to debug and edit code

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What's it like to study and work in coding?

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“The mentorship is the main reason I chose Springboard—having someone by your side to guide you and show you what’s out there is so important, especially coming from a non-traditional background.”

Rafael Alvarado

From: Amazon warehouse associate

To: IT support engineer at Amazon

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