Hack Reactor vs. Coding Dojo: A Detailed Course Comparison

Compare and contrast these two popular software development schools to see if they offer the curriculum and support you need.

Hack Reactor and Coding Dojo are two bootcamps that focus primarily on software development. Both offer a curriculum that teaches both front-end and back-end design, covering a range of different programming languages in the process. However, each school has its own pacing and approach to teaching, as well as different career services and support available.

Hack Reactor’s curriculum teaches you both how to code, and how to approach your work as a software developer. Building autonomy and communication skills are essential for both landing a job and thriving in a professional environment. The last week of bootcamp is even dedicated to starting your job search and making sure you get off on the right foot.

Coding Dojo’s full-time courses are truly immersive. Over the course of 16 weeks, students devote 70-90 hours per week of work to master the skills that will help them launch a new career. Their career services are available to students for life, so even graduates from years ago can get help with something like contract negotiations. Coding Dojo also offers online data science and cybersecurity courses on a part-time basis.

Hack Reactor vs. Coding Dogo

Hack Reactor
Coding Dojo
1:1 Professional Mentorship
Hack ReactorNo
Coding DojoNo
Career Services
Hack ReactorYes
Coding DojoYes
Hack ReactorNo
Coding DojoNo
Job Guarantee
Hack ReactorNo
Coding DojoNo
Live Classes
Hack ReactorYes
Coding DojoYes
Hack ReactorNo
Coding DojoNo
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Why Choose Springboard over Hack Reactor or Coding Dojo

1:1 Mentorship

In addition to their expert instructors, Springboard students get access to their own industry mentor. Calls with your mentor can cover anything you’d like—you can get technical, discuss coursework, or ask them about the life of a programmer.

Job Guarantee

Springboard is confident that its course will lead to an exciting career. So if you don’t land a job within six months of graduating, Springboard will refund your entire tuition.

Capstone Project

Students graduate from Springboard with a portfolio of work. This includes a capstone project that showcases your skills to potential employers.

An industry-leading program

Enrolling with Springboard guarantees you a quality learning experience.
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All categories

Meet a few of our Springboard alumni


Melanie Hanna

Education: Chemical Engineering
Previous Job: Process Engineer
Current Job: Data Scientist, Farmer's Fridge

I’d absolutely recommend the Data Science Career Track. With the job guarantee, you just can’t lose.


Jonas Cuadrado

Education: Physics
Previous Job: PhD Student
Current Job: Data Scientist, Feedzai

I loved talking to my mentor. He always gave me meaningful insights about how corporations work, the hiring process, or just useful resources on how to move forward.


Haotian Wu

Education: Mechanical Engineering
Previous Job: Product Manager
Current Job: Data Scientist, RepTrak

My mentor’s guidance enriched my learning by showing me someone’s perspective who had hands-on experience with real data science projects. As someone with a more technical background, my mentor calls ended up being more like discussions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What courses do Hack Reactor and Coding Dojo offer?

Hack Reactor offers three versions of their software engineering bootcamp: 12-Week Immersive Full-Time, 36-Week Immersive Part-Time, and 19-Week Full-Time with JavaScript and Python. The 12-week and 36-week courses both require students to complete a 90-120 hour independent precourse beforehand, while the 19-week course includes the pre-course material. All three courses are suitable for complete beginners.

Coding Dojo offers one onsite version and three online versions of its software development curriculum. Their Onsite Full-Time option lasts 14 weeks, while their Online Full-Time option is 16 weeks. Both require 70-90 hours of study per week. Their Part-Time Accelerated option lasts 18-32 weeks at 25-35 hours a week, and their Part-Time Flex option lasts 30 weeks at 10-15 hours a week. Coding Dojo covers 12 different programming languages and technologies throughout its curriculum, more than most other coding bootcamps.

How much do courses cost at Hack Reactor and Coding Dojo?

Both schools have similar costs: Hack Reactor’s 12-week Software Engineering Immersive costs $17,980, and the Online Full-Time course at Coding Dojo costs $16,995.

At Hack Reactor, students can choose from a range of financing options, including upfront payment, split payment, and monthly installments. They’ve also partnered with Ascent and Climb Credit to help students finance their studies through low-interest loans. Scholarships and veteran benefits are also available to eligible students. Lastly, students can opt into an Income Share Agreement (ISA) which lets them defer payment until they land an in-field job earning at least $60,000 a year.

Students at Coding Dojo can also finance their studies with loans from Ascent or Climb Credit. Interest-free installment plans are available with a $250 deposit. Coding Dojo also offers a range of partial scholarships like the Fresh Start Fund for those making less than $40,000 a year, the Career Re-invention Scholarship, the Military Re-training Scholarship, the Women in Tech Scholarship, and a Diversity Scholarship.

What kind of career improvements can I expect from completing a course?

Hack Reactor’s Graduate Outcomes Report for 2021 showed that 85% of graduates landed a job offer within 180 days of graduation. The median compensation salary increase was $37,967, with a median salary of $100,000. Hack Reactor publishes these reports every year to help each new class of students learn what to expect from the program.

Coding Dojo doesn’t publish any reports on their success rates, nor do they offer any forms of deferred tuition. However, their career services are accessible for life, so you can rely on them for help, advice, and practice no matter how long your job search takes. You can see where some graduates have landed, as there are success stories posted on the website.

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