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Learn the foundational web development skills — HTML, CSS, and JavaScript — you need for the coding career you want.

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Software engineering prep in no time

Get ready for the Springboard Software Engineering Career Track fast. In just four to six weeks, learn the core tools and foundational concepts you’ll need.

By the end of this course you will:

  • Develop introductory software engineering basics in CSS, HTML, and Javascript

  • Develop a software engineering mindset and foundation through small, hands-on exercises.

  • Try out the Springboard experience — projects, mentorship and more

  • Confidently tackle the Springboard Software Engineering Career Track Technical Skills Survey and determine whether a software engineering career is right for you

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What you’ll learn in this software engineering prep course

In this prep course, you’ll learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and complete exercises or quizzes that will prepare you for the Technical Skills Survey (TSS). Once you pass the TSS, you’ll have the option to enroll in the Software Engineering Career Track bootcamp.

Topic 1: HTML

In this opening unit, you’ll learn how to build well-designed web pages using HTML. 

  • Learn HTML basics, such as adding text elements and links to a web page

  • Understand how to add more robust HTML pages using tables and forms

  • Submit your first coding exercises

Topic 2: CSS

Using CSS will give your webpages a polished, professional look while also allowing your webpage to be accessed on a variety of devices. In this unit, you’ll practice multiple style elements with CSS.

  • Build an understanding of CSS and how it can be used to build webpages

  • Become comfortable using elements, class, and ID selectors to find and style elements on a page

  • Become familiar with common styling rules for backgrounds, font sizes, and colors

Topic 3: JavaScript

Javascript is considered the “programming language of the web” and makes your webpage interactive when you, for example, click on a button or submit a form. In this unit, you’ll learn the ins and outs of JavaScript. 

  • Build an understanding of JavaScript and how it functions within a browser

  • Learn how to use variables and conditional logic to store information and create complex programs

  • Become comfortable using data types to model real-world applications

  • Learn how to utilize iteration and functions to reduce code duplication

Topic 4: Technical Skills Survey

The Technical Skills Survey (TSS) will determine if you’re ready to enroll in the Software Engineering Career Track. A rundown of the TSS:

  • You’ll have the option to take a mock TSS to prepare

  • Tests fundamental JavaScript skills to prepare you for the Career Track, which will cover advanced JavaScript frameworks

  • Take the Technical Skills Survey as many times as you like

Topic 5: Exercises and Quizzes

There are no end-to-end projects in this bootcamp, but you will encounter several hands-on exercises and quizzes to strengthen your leanings. 

  • HTML Fundamentals

  • CSS Intro (optional)

  • CSS Diner

  • CSS Box Model (optional)

  • CSS Mocks

  • Variables and Data Types Exercise

  • Boolean Logic 

  • Array 

  • Objects

  • Numbers Quiz

  • Variables Quiz

  • Strings Quiz

Topic 6: Congratulations

This unit will celebrate your accomplishments and encourage you to enroll in the Software Engineering Career Track, where you’ll unlock in-depth units on JavaScript and Python, build four portfolio-worthy projects, and gain access to career coaching.

How you’ll learn in this software engineering prep course

This course mirrors the Springboard Software Engineering Career Track, so you’ll see how a results-focused approach sets you up for the career you want.

Prep with expert curriculum

Learn from Colt Steele, the world’s leading coding instructor, who has helped design this custom program to accelerate your prep.

Learn online, not alone

You’ll meet with your mentor weekly. They work in the industry and will give you feedback on projects, answer questions, and give you insight into what it’s really like to be a coder.

Grow your skill with hands-on learning

The best way to learn is to do. You’ll apply new skills throughout the course working on exercises and completing quizzes created and curated by industry experts.

  • Personalized guidance to move you forward

    Build skills faster with an industry expert in your corner.

  • Accountability at every step

    Weekly calls with your mentor mean blockers will be removed and you’ll stay on track.

  • Industry insight on call

    Your mentor is a window into the industry and will provide guidance and an insider's perspective.

Mentor: Lahiru G

Software Engineer

Mentor: Eddy Sayar

Software Engineer

Mentor: Roy Zheng

Sr. Software Engineer

Mentor: Jessica McElroy

Software Engineer


  • No prior coding experience is required

  • All professional and educational backgrounds welcome

  • Must have a Mac or PC and an internet connection


Cohorts begin every Monday. Complete the course in four to six weeks or approximately 60 hours.

One-time payment


Receive a tuition credit of $490 if you apply and are accepted into the Software Engineering Career Track bootcamp.

What’s included in the tuition:

  • Curriculum created by educators and experts in Python and data science with proprietary learning content, practice exercises, quizzes, and projects

  • Six weekly sessions (30 minutes each) with your expert mentor, including review of exercises and your final project, plus a dedicated student advisor and student operations support

  • Lifetime access to the curriculum and practice exercises

  • Preferential application review and admissions fast-tracking for the Springboard Data Science Career Track upon successful course completion

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