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Learn the foundational coding and statistics skills you need for the data science career you want.

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Data science prep in no time

Get ready for the Springboard Data Science Career Track faster. In just four to six weeks, learn the core tools and foundational concepts you’ll need.

By the end of this course you will:

  • Use Python to complete real-world coding exercises

  • Get comfortable with aspects of basic probability

  • Solve a real business problem — practice using data science tools to analyze and visualize data

  • Confidently tackle Springboard’s Data Science Career Track Technical Skills Survey and determine if a data science career is right for you

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What you’ll learn in this data science course

In this prep program, you’ll learn the Python, statistics, and probability skills that will prepare you for the Technical Skills Survey (TSS). Once you pass the TSS, you’ll have the option to enroll in the Data Science Career Track.

Topic 1: Intro to Data Science and Python

In this opening unit, you’ll learn about the common problems that data scientists solve and get your feet wet in Python and basic statistical concepts.

  • Learn why Python is such a popular programming language

  • Start building Python programming skills

  • Learn about computational thinking and its importance in data science

Topic 2: Intermediate Python

You’ll build your Python skills further by exploring object-oriented programming and Python strings.

  • Learn the difference between functions and methods

  • Learn how to interact with a program in Python effectively

  • Explore Python tools like dictionaries and strings

Topic 3: Foundations of Probability

Probability is the science of uncertainty, and anyone working in data science, machine learning, or AI has to be comfortable with it. In this unit, you’ll learn the fundamentals of probability and how it relates to data science.

  • Calculate basic probabilities

  • Study Bayes Theorem

  • Understand the concept of conditional probability

Topic 4: Python: Data Structures and Algorithms

You’ll explore Python further by studying data structures and algorithms to understand how they can be used to solve problems in programmable ways.

  • Learn data structures, including stacks and queues

  • Familiarize yourself with sort and search algorithms

  • Tackle a hands-on project for data structures and algorithms

Topic 5: Technical Skills Survey

The Technical Skills Survey (TSS) will determine if you’re ready to enroll in the Data Science Career Track. You’ll be able to take the TSS as many times as you like. A rundown of the TSS:

  • Features key statistics and Python programming skills

  • Format is 10 statistics multiple choice questions and two open-ended coding questions

  • Once you pass, you can enroll in the Data Science Career Track or choose to continue the curriculum

Topic 6: Your Data Science Toolbox

Once you pass the foundational units and the TSS, you will unlock a powerful unit that will take you deeper into the world of data science, including learning the necessary tools to succeed. 

  • Install a Python toolkit and get set up using Anaconda

  • Learn about Git and GitHub

  • Learn how to work with Jupyter Notebooks

  • Discover the benefits of NumPy and Matplotlib

  • Get experience working with Pandas

Topic 7: The Apps Project

This unit encompasses everything you’ve learned into a hands-on project where you’ll look at real-world datasets. You’ll practice using data science tools to analyze and visualize data and learn how to present your insights. A breakdown of the steps:

  • Approaching a dataset with a business problem in mind

  • Using common data science tools (like Jupyter Notebooks and Matplotlib)

  • Downloading and transforming data for analysis

  • Exploring data through the use of plots and statistics

  • Data storytelling

Topic 8: Congratulations

This unit will celebrate your accomplishments and encourage you to enroll in the Data Science Career Track where you’ll unlock in-depth units on the Data Science Method and build three portfolio-worthy projects, as well as gain access to career coaching.

How you’ll learn in this data science prep course

This course mirrors the Springboard Data Science Career Track, so you’ll see how a results-focused approach sets you up for the career you want.

Prep with expert curated curriculum

Build your foundational skills in Python programming and statistics, as well as introductory data science concepts via a curriculum curated by experts.

Learn online, not alone

You’ll meet with your mentor weekly. They work in the industry and can give you feedback on projects, answer questions, and tell you what it’s like to work in data science.

Grow your skill with hands-on learning

The best way to learn is to do. You’ll complete a real-world case study where you’ll analyze and visualize data from Google and Apple, and learn how to present the insights.

  • Personalized guidance to move you forward

    Build skills faster with an industry expert in your corner.

  • Accountability at every step

    Weekly calls with your mentor mean blockers will be removed and you’ll stay on track.

  • Industry insight on call

    Your mentor is a window into the industry and will provide guidance and an insider's perspective.

Mentor: Alex Chao

Data Scientist

Mentor: Ike Okonkwo

Data Scientist

Mentor: Mitul Tiwari

Head of Natural Language AI

Mentor: Sameera Poduri

Data Science Manager


  • No prior coding experience is required

  • Must be proficient in high-school level mathematics and statistic

  • Must have a Mac or PC and an internet connection


Cohorts begin every Monday. Complete the course in four to six weeks or approximately 60 hours.

One-time payment


Receive a tuition credit of $490 if you apply and are accepted into the Data Science Career Track bootcamp.

What’s included in the tuition:

  • Curriculum created by educators and experts in Python and data science with proprietary learning content, practice exercises, quizzes, and projects

  • Six weekly sessions (30 minutes each) with your expert mentor, including review of exercises and your final project, plus a dedicated student advisor and student operations support

  • Lifetime access to the curriculum and practice exercises

  • Preferential application review and admissions fast-tracking for the Springboard Data Science Career Track upon successful course completion

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